Social Studies Vocabulary for Beginning English - Chinese Students

By gsonobeTEACHER
25 terms by gsonobeTEACHER

Chinese Study Pingying and English

By Something_Is_Fishy
66 terms by Something_Is_Fishy

Hole Vocabulary Study English-Chinese

By Jiaqi_Xu_Jacki
41 terms by Jiaqi_Xu_Jacki

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

By lujiesen
15 terms by lujiesen

"Studying Chinese" Unit Key Sentences (English)

By Anna_WoodsTEACHER
8 terms by Anna_WoodsTEACHER

Chinese Review English to Chinese

By quizlette657380
37 terms by quizlette657380

California Social Study English and Chinese

By awesomePrimalGroudon
12 terms by awesomePrimalGroudon

Chinese Study Cards (Character/English)

By bcriteser17
11 terms by bcriteser17

english study guide (chinese literature)

By jraposo16st
18 terms by jraposo16st

English - Chinese

By talitajonker-
84 terms by talitajonker-

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

By quizlette657380
15 terms by quizlette657380

Geometry Figures (Chinese/English)

By heather_peckfelderTEACHER
39 terms by heather_peckfelderTEACHER


By AliciaJane2016
305 terms by AliciaJane2016

wyu_Colors (Chinese/English)

By wyuatpingryTEACHER
14 terms by wyuatpingryTEACHER

Chinese Unit 9 Study w/English

By zobbs3
12 terms by zobbs3

Chinese study set 1 pinyin to english

By spiralturtle42
29 terms by spiralturtle42

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

18 terms by ShuyiWuTEACHER

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

By Trinity-Grammar
17 terms by Trinity-Grammar

Body Parts (Chinese to English)

By Adeline_HsiaoTEACHER
10 terms by Adeline_HsiaoTEACHER

Chinese Review English to Chinese

By MsYang2
52 terms by MsYang2

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

13 terms by VMS-MandarinTEACHER

Common Words - Chinese to English

By alanabbrown
67 terms by alanabbrown

English - Chinese animals

By quizlette657380
10 terms by quizlette657380

Chinese Food--English Names

31 terms by Bo_HuotTEACHER

Chinese to English- Chinese vocabulary

By SecureYourBag
223 terms by SecureYourBag

wyu_Colors (Chinese/English)

By quizlette657380
14 terms by quizlette657380

Chinese 3 Study Guide for english questions.

By kkazyak
32 terms by kkazyak

Chinese 2` Study Guide for english questions.

By BrendanCanavan
27 terms by BrendanCanavan

Studying Chinese

By w_li
23 terms by w_li

Colors and Shapes - Chinese to English

By alanabbrown
27 terms by alanabbrown

English - Chinese

By mwilson300
10 terms by mwilson300

Body Parts (Chinese to English)

13 terms by VMS-MandarinTEACHER

Chinese: studying

By Ruthiee_Chingu
151 terms by Ruthiee_Chingu

Chinese Study

By mafuseTEACHER
184 terms by mafuseTEACHER

Buildings 1 in Chinese & English

By leopoldelTEACHER
10 terms by leopoldelTEACHER

English to Chinese

By teddyfitzsimonsTEACHER
15 terms by teddyfitzsimonsTEACHER

Chinese Fruits, Pinyin and English

By Caroline_J_France
47 terms by Caroline_J_France

Chinese to English

By Harindu_Gajamange
11 terms by Harindu_Gajamange

Vocabulary Review for Chinese Studies

By awesome_kids
14 terms by awesome_kids

Colors and Shapes Traditional Chinese & English


Chinese study

By Timothy_Lor7
51 terms by Timothy_Lor7

Studying Chinese

By JennifeMillard
26 terms by JennifeMillard

Chinese study

By Gisselleex22
17 terms by Gisselleex22


By seth_clippardTEACHER
10 terms by seth_clippardTEACHER

Social studies chinese studying

By Sarah_Heller3
12 terms by Sarah_Heller3


By BingmeiLin
41 terms by BingmeiLin

Chinese -> English

By arkanric001
387 terms by arkanric001

English - - Chinese

By steven_habansky
72 terms by steven_habansky