Social Studies Vocabulary for Beginning English - Chinese Students

By gsonobeTEACHER
25 terms by gsonobeTEACHER

Chinese Study Pingying and English

By Something_Is_Fishy
66 terms by Something_Is_Fishy

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

By lujiesen
15 terms by lujiesen

Chinese Review English to Chinese

By quizlette657380
37 terms by quizlette657380

Hole Vocabulary Study English-Chinese

By Jiaqi_Xu_Jacki
41 terms by Jiaqi_Xu_Jacki

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

By quizlette657380
15 terms by quizlette657380

Period 1 Social Studies Terms -Chinese and English

By Phil566
12 terms by Phil566

"Studying Chinese" Unit Key Sentences (English)

By Anna_Woods
8 terms by Anna_Woods

English - Chinese

By talitajonker-
84 terms by talitajonker-

Chinese Study Cards (Character/English)

By bcriteser17
11 terms by bcriteser17

California Social Study English and Chinese

By awesomePrimalGroudon
12 terms by awesomePrimalGroudon

english study guide (chinese literature)

By jraposo16st
18 terms by jraposo16st

wyu_Colors (Chinese/English)

By wyuatpingryTEACHER
14 terms by wyuatpingryTEACHER

Chinese study set 1 pinyin to english

By spiralturtle42
29 terms by spiralturtle42

Chinese to English- Chinese vocabulary

By SecureYourBagsTEACHER
223 terms by SecureYourBagsTEACHER


By AliciaJane2016
305 terms by AliciaJane2016

Chinese Review English to Chinese

By MsYang2
52 terms by MsYang2

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

By Trinity-Grammar
17 terms by Trinity-Grammar

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

18 terms by ShuyiWuTEACHER

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

14 terms by VMS-MandarinTEACHER

Body Parts (Chinese to English)

By Adeline_HsiaoTEACHER
10 terms by Adeline_HsiaoTEACHER

Chinese Unit 9 Study w/English

By DelaneyH72
12 terms by DelaneyH72

Chinese Food--English Names

By EnglishYaps
31 terms by EnglishYaps

Chinese Food--English Names

By cindy_chiu2
31 terms by cindy_chiu2

English - Chinese animals

By quizlette657380
10 terms by quizlette657380

Chinese Greetings (Chinese-English)

10 terms by Wen_Li3TEACHER

Pets (Chinese to English)

14 terms by horaeTEACHER

Studying Chinese

By w_li
23 terms by w_li

Common Words - Chinese to English

By alanabbrown
67 terms by alanabbrown

Chinese Food--English Names

31 terms by Bo_HuotTEACHER

Land--Chinese culture studies

By Lin_Cai84
33 terms by Lin_Cai84

Chinese Fruits, Pinyin and English

By Caroline_J_FranceTEACHER
47 terms by Caroline_J_FranceTEACHER

wyu_Colors (Chinese/English)

By quizlette657380
14 terms by quizlette657380

Chinese numbers (Chinese-English)

By camberwell-high
17 terms by camberwell-high

Colors and Shapes - Chinese to English

By alanabbrown
27 terms by alanabbrown

Chinese Study

By mafuseTEACHER
10 terms by mafuseTEACHER

English - Chinese

By mwilson300
10 terms by mwilson300

Chinese 2` Study Guide for english questions.

By BrendanCanavan
27 terms by BrendanCanavan

Chinese 3 Study Guide for english questions.

By kkazyak
32 terms by kkazyak

Chinese: studying

By Ruthiee_Chingu
151 terms by Ruthiee_Chingu

Chinese 2 Study materials

By Zhiyang_JiTEACHER
40 terms by Zhiyang_JiTEACHER

Body Parts (Chinese to English)

13 terms by VMS-MandarinTEACHER

Buildings 1 in Chinese & English

By leopoldelTEACHER
10 terms by leopoldelTEACHER

Chinese study

By Gisselleex22
17 terms by Gisselleex22

English to Chinese

By teddyfitzsimonsTEACHER
15 terms by teddyfitzsimonsTEACHER

Vocabulary Review for Chinese Studies

By awesome_kids
14 terms by awesome_kids

CHINESE 1_Unit 1_Pinyin and English

By lujiesen
56 terms by lujiesen

Colors and Shapes Traditional Chinese & English