Latin prefixes & suffixes 1

By hopewinslow
21 terms by hopewinslow

Latin prefix/ suffix #1

By Jadynn_Merchant
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Latin prefixes and suffixes 1

By Dante_Yazidjian
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Latin Prefixes and Suffixes 1

By BrittanyK2016
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Latin prefixes and suffixes 1

By Doncho_Dathan
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Latin Prefixes, Bases, and Suffixes 1

By Cynthia_Pearce
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Latin Prefixes and Suffixes for Science #1

By pmj21
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Prefixes, Suffixes, and Latin Roots- 1

By Lucas_Peng
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Set 1 Latin prefixes and suffixes

By hopkinsnancy
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Latin Prefixes and Suffixes for Science

By mrdestcroixTEACHER
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Latin 1 Prefixes, Suffixes & Roots

By Yasmin_R
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Latin Prefix/Suffix Set 1

By jadynn_lueb
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Latin Prefixes, Suffixes, and Stems #1

By djwong23
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Latin prefixes & suffixes - List 1

By sarahfinnnn
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Latin Vocab # 1 Prefixes & Suffixes

By BrianNguyen2000
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Greek and Latin - Prefixes, Roots, Suffixes - Unit 1

By bowmanteacherTEACHER
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Latin Prefix/Suffix List 1

By UnicornFlash
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Greek and Latin Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes List #1

By amyclayclassroom
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Latin prefixes/suffixes list 1

By cwiencek
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Latin Prefix or Suffixes 1

By Connor_Johnston6
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Latin Prefixes and Suffixes: List 1

By meganchow
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Latin Prefixes & Suffixes Week 1

By VivianV
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Lesson Latin 1 suffix and prefix

By Mano_cuessy
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Biology Latin Prefix/Suffix 1

By Tabetha_Deines
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Latin/Greek Prefixes & Suffixes #1

By yanabama
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Latin/Greek/prefix/suffix 1

By Sean_McMillan
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Latin Prefixes and Suffixes week 1

By samibowman
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Latin II prefixes and suffixes 1

By johann17
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Latin Prefixes and Suffixes P.1

By eleahbray
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Greek and Latin prefixes and suffixes (1)

By anesselhauf
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Latin Prefix and Suffix Spelling 1

By allisonkavana
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Latin/Greek prefixes and suffixes #1

By nmhelton
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Greek and Latin Prefix/Suffix #1

By gtsui
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Latin prefixes and suffixes List 1 and 2

By jake_kaplan2
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Latin prefixes/ suffixes part 1

By JenniferBartley
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Latin prefixes and suffixes

By dobbsclass
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Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes

By ldicairanoTEACHER
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Greek/Latin Roots/Prefixes/Suffixes 1-16

By bmiddlesteadTEACHER
32 terms by bmiddlesteadTEACHER

Latin Exam 1 Suffixes and Prefixes

By calistacleveland3
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Latin Roots/Prefixes/Suffixes - 1/2

By huckabee5TEACHER
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Latin Prefixes and Suffixes (Quiz 1)

By ashdoeitbettah
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Latin prefixes/suffixes quiz 1

By jolieecrane
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Latin Prefix/Suffix Set 1

By XFrazier
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Greek & Latin Prefix-Suffix Set 1

By Dina_Parker7
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Greek and Latin Roots 1-56 (prefix, suffix)

By MrsSlowinski
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Greek and Latin Roots 1-92 (prefix, suffix)

By MrsSlowinski
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Greek and Latin Roots 1-52 (prefix, suffix)

By MrsSlowinski
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Book VI 1 Latin and Greek Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes

By deuspawnTEACHER
13 terms by deuspawnTEACHER

Prefixes, Suffixes, Greek and Latin Roots 1

By Cheryl_BurdickTEACHER
10 terms by Cheryl_BurdickTEACHER

Latin Prefixes and Suffixes #1, A's

By laurenrgreen
36 terms by laurenrgreen