6.RW.2: Suffixes & Parts of Speech

9 terms By Rike_Neville Teacher

Suffixes -tion and -sion

5 terms By sandra5555 Teacher

Reading Prefixes and Suffixes

41 terms By kohn2019

Reading prefix and suffixes

42 terms By Joab_Reyes

2nd Sem. Reading final: SUFFIXES

9 terms By sradolor

Reading Suffix 12-22

11 terms By claudiam28

Latin & Greek Suffixes #6

14 terms By msgates

reading comprehension suffixes

26 terms By jordanbrown_

reading - prefixes and suffixes

60 terms By brookefain07


37 terms By teach2read

Read 180 Suffixes

15 terms By jabakke

Common Suffixes

20 terms By littlefred

Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes 2nd 9 weeks

70 terms By Maddy0001


27 terms By Monique_Hoth

SAT: Critical Reading-Sentence Completion (Pre/Suffixes)

38 terms By raffiyah

Medical Terminology: List of roots, suffixes, & prefixes

51 terms By cnpineda

Prefix and Suffix Group 1

6 terms By AliceYueXiao

Root Words For English 9 (Read description for details)

50 terms By Zainab_Abu-Rayyan

Reading: Master Suffix List

18 terms By Gingerann

7th Acc Reading Suffixes Quarter 1

20 terms By alpinetalus

7th grade Suffixes 1

5 terms By sshobe

GVSU Medical Terminology Chapter Ten Combining Forms and Suffixes

29 terms By ediephouse

6th grade reading flashcards prefixes, suffixes, and roots (Shaelyn)

20 terms By Shaelyn_Cleland

reading suffix

13 terms By fruffo


20 terms By lowers


20 terms By hkaufling

Reading practice

56 terms By doublygifted

Adrianne Carr Prefixes Suffixes Roots

28 terms By accarr

Reading Suffixes

4 terms By khyler_12

Prefixes and Suffixes

11 terms By tmerry

Suffix List-5th Grade

11 terms By hillaryraple

critical reading pre/suffixes

38 terms By isaac_klein

Greek/ Latin Prefix, Suffixes, and Roots

40 terms By kvirkler81

Reading Suffix

7 terms By hornet37

Malone's Greek and Latin Prefix/Suffix/Root Set

128 terms By tmalone2000

Reading 6.4.b Suffixes/Prefixes

25 terms By kpphilpot Teacher

Suffixes 4th quarter

30 terms By Lex_jaco

Reading 8: Suffixes

39 terms By msernster

Lehman Reading Suffixes

11 terms By lehmanreading


25 terms By rjsanchez

Reading C Prefix/Suffix List

44 terms By lgkiii

reading suffix/prefix

13 terms By lilmac1

Common Suffixes

45 terms By dmccorkleporter

prefixes, suffixes KS reading

14 terms By mheadings

Prefixes and Suffixes

12 terms By Avalon3


67 terms By lynnparry

Reading prefixes and suffixes

23 terms By jjaszczurowski71461

Suffix Test

34 terms By MarisaDeSciscio

Suffixes - Garcia 6th grade ELA/Reading

12 terms By cecelelekk

prefixes and suffixes

24 terms By LarenAllen