Swahili nouns (m-wa class)

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Swahili - M/WA Class

By Jason_Hunt9
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Swahili - M/WA Class

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Swahili M-Wa noun class

By Katondo
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Swahili noun class M-Wa

By bedui
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Swahili Nouns Class M/WA

By jenholmessmith
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Simplified Swahili - 1- Nouns M - WA class

By Coatso1941
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Swahili - Nouns (M/Wa) - Black

By Scott_Simpson1TEACHER
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Swahili M-/Wa- Gender

By Kenfitz09TEACHER
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Swahili M-/Wa- Gender

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Simplified Swahili - 26 More useful nouns M- WA- class

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Swahili M/Wa Nouns

By Lily_Johnson165
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Swahili M-/Wa-

By lauradix
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Swahili 101: M-Wa Nouns

By liah_watt
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Swahili Made Easy: 3 (m-wa)

By Burayani
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M/MI Swahili Class

By Patrick_Mose
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Noun Class M-Wa

By swahilisewanee
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Swahili-engelsk (navneord M-Wa)

By pauline_damm
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Nouns M-WA Class

By JV1022
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Simplified Swahili - Chapter 5 - Nouns M-WA

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Swahili nouns (m-mi class)

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M-Wa Class

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M-WA class of nouns

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M/Wa class nouns

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M/WA class nouns

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M-WA Noun Class


M-Wa noun class

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M-Wa (noun class)

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Swahili Noun Class M/Mi

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M-/Wa- Noun Class

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M- Wa class

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M-WA Noun Class

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M-WA Class nouns

By Ravic_Nijbroek
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Swahili - M/Wa Personal Pronouns and Contractions (PMW-18)

By Scott_Simpson1TEACHER
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M-WA Noun Class

By Lesley_Woolner
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animate; m/wa class

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M/Wa Class Nouns

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noun classes: M/WA

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Swahili 101: M-Mi Class Nouns

By liah_watt
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M-/MI- MW/MI- Noun Class - Swahili

By silbermanlaw
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M/WA Noun Class Vocab

By Nemhena
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Kiswahili Adjectives M-WA Class

By jarmitag
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Nouns. M-WA class (section 5 SS)

By lwatroba
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M-WA (ni,u,a,tu,m,wa) CLASS

By swacam
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July 25 class m-wa class

By Markwoolner
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SS Chapter 5 - M/Wa class nouns

By Baba_Zoe
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Simplified Swahili - 26 More useful nouns M- MI- class

By Coatso1941
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noun classes 1&2 (m/mw & wa)

By Alexa_Carr18
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Nouns M WA class (SS 5)

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