Swahili - M/WA Class

62 terms By dazeindar

Swahili M-Wa Class

19 terms By danist622

Swahili: M-Wa Class

25 terms By laura12592

Swahili m-wa class

19 terms By believeorbust89

Swahili - M/WA Class

62 terms By Jason_Hunt9

Simplified Swahili Nouns 1 m-wa class

38 terms By Coatso1941

"M/Wa" Class

60 terms By hicks

Nouns-1 M-WA Class W/Rebekah- class 6

11 terms By debprepetually

Nouns-1 M-WA-Class (people) Rabekah-class 5

21 terms By debprepetually

Swahili M-Wa noun class

22 terms By Katondo

M/WA class nouns

38 terms By hannahj456

M/WA class nouns

21 terms By emonahan

M/Wa Class (a/wa)

40 terms By deknippi

Simplified Swahili - 5 - Nouns 1.1 - M-Wa- class

24 terms By fitheach

Simplified Swahili - 5 - Nouns 1.2 - M-Wa- class

34 terms By fitheach

KIS - M/WA class nouns

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M/WA class nouns (singular)

24 terms By krismattson

Simplified Swahili - 5 - Nouns 1.1 - M-Wa- class

24 terms By Sherry_Ball

5 Nouns--1 (M-WA- Class)

58 terms By gitwithit

Swahili noun class M-Wa

25 terms By bedui

Swahili verbs m/wa class

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M/WA Class Nouns Swahili Singular

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Swahili M- Wa- Nouns

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M-Wa Class

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Kiswahili Adjectives M-WA Class

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Kiswahili 01 - Vocabulary [M/WA class]

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Swahili - M/Wa Personal Pronouns and Contractions (PMW-18)

13 terms By Scott_Simpson1 Teacher

5 Nouns (M-WA Class) [People]

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M-Wa Class Nouns (Ch.1)

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Swahili m-wa Nouns

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M/Wa Class: Nouns

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M-WA class of nouns

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M/WA class nouns

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Complete Swahili, chapter 1 m/wa class nouns

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M/WA class nouns (plural)

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Swahili M-Wa

26 terms By brianneyhs

Swahili - Nouns (M/Wa) - Black

50 terms By Scott_Simpson1 Teacher

Verb Prefixes (for M/WA class nouns)

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SS Chapter 5 - M/Wa class nouns

18 terms By Baba_Zoe

M/WA Class Nouns

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Nouns. M-WA class (section 5 SS)

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M/WA Class Possesive

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Swahili M-/Wa-

72 terms By lauradix

M/WA Class Demonstratives

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animate; m/wa class

67 terms By APatters

6 Subject Prefixes (M-WA class)

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M-WA Noun Class


m-wa class

52 terms By Meshka

Nouns M WA class (SS 5)

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Swahili M/wa Nouns

14 terms By bss002