Talking about a city you have visited

17 terms By HerrSherry Teacher

Voc. 1B. Talk about you and others are like.

20 terms By Gina_Vreeman Teacher

To talk about getting ready

50 terms By mzlearner

Talking about a sports event you have been to

12 terms By HerrSherry Teacher

Saying what you have and need/talking about classes

48 terms By Sierra_Carey-Stronck

Talk About How You Feel

9 terms By apbarcenas Teacher

Talk about the classes that you have

26 terms By Heather_Cherney

To tell whom you are talking about

7 terms By ilcsspanish Teacher

Talk about things you have

33 terms By Lincoln_alyssagreen

Saying what you have/need, talking about classes

47 terms By erinbaranowski101

L1 1B to talk about what you and others are like

19 terms By mccarli Teacher

Talking about how you feel

7 terms By montoyajai Teacher

to talk about gifts you might buy

14 terms By Steven_Aguayo Teacher

Vocabulario 3.1a Talking about what you and others like to do

36 terms By tameraterndrup Teacher

Talking about what you like

47 terms By MrsHocking Teacher

to talk about you and others are like

18 terms By Kristin_Smoot19

Talking about what you and others like

25 terms By Nancy_Howard Teacher