1kgt - chapter 3 - 1a Making a telephone call

30 terms By wfberkhof Teacher

In school / Sporting events / Telephone calls

49 terms By ndecourcey Teacher

Set 6 - Nadja & Pia's Telephone Call (Aufgabe 4)

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13 terms By paramon1510 Teacher

Chapter 9 - Making and Answering a Telephone Call

22 terms By roym22 Teacher

Making telephone calls

13 terms By TheLanguageProfessor Teacher

The Telephone Call - Vocabulary

10 terms By klewando Teacher

3 LT-NO Making a telephone call

29 terms By Norvegiuke

Structures: Nice to Meet You / Telephone Call

34 terms By Dana_Schulte

Telephone Calls in the Desert Story

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Helpful Phrases for a Telephone Call with your Boss

42 terms By weinfurter

telephone calls

27 terms By Gabjones

Telephone calls

34 terms By andrew11234

Telephone calls

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Yr8_Chapter1_Making Telephone Calls

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Telephone Call-3

12 terms By linsufen

Telephone Call No

13 terms By Donald_Cooley

Telephone calls

23 terms By Andrea_18

My First Telephone Call

60 terms By brentesquire

Telephone Call/Face to Face

34 terms By Joshua_Kelly45

Making Telephone call

41 terms By ltsou

Making a telephone call & other useful expressions

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spanish chapter 11: telephone calls

7 terms By chill08

The Telephone Call

10 terms By janetschroeder1975

Scheduling, and Telephone Calls

42 terms By kayleighmf

shopping and telephone calls

23 terms By tayogoole

Mastering Telephone Calls

36 terms By AFPA-AD

Telephone Calls

22 terms By Ayah87

The Telephone Call

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French Telephone Calls EMS

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Making a Telephone Call Vocab

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Making a Telephone Call Vocab

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Making and Answering a Telephone Call

17 terms By katiecross0

Making and answering a telephone call

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Making Telephone Calls (Useful Expressions)

19 terms By tyler_zhuang

JC Telephone Calls

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Telephone Calls

16 terms By Christi_Ornelas7

Telephone call spanish vocab

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The Telephone Call Vocab

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making and answering a telephone call in chapter 9

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Telephone Call

16 terms By neilkum

Making a telephone call

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Living Language Lektion3 Making a telephone call

39 terms By Ann_Sullivan

Making and receiving telephone calls

10 terms By miyuki_yagi1

A Telephone Call

36 terms By realxperience

Making Telephone Calls

12 terms By tyler_zhuang

Making a telephone call

15 terms By irisiri

The Telephone Call(Korean)

17 terms By Hayeon

Un coup de téléphone (A telephone call)

22 terms By kpelletier45

Telephone call

32 terms By Dominika_11