Englisch Telephoning chapter 2

8 terms By MeretEmily

Chapter 2 (telephone-condition)

18 terms By jeffmac13

Englisch Telephoning chapter 1

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French Telephone Chapter 9c

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Englisch Telephoning chapter 3

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29 terms By Mrs_Huckeba Teacher

Chapter 6—Telephone Procedures

62 terms By Chirel Teacher

Taking telephone requests

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Telephone Vocabulary (French-English)

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Russian Telephone Conversation

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25 terms By BES_English Teacher

J3 6-2 Telephone

12 terms By bangsensei Teacher

English Conversation: on the telephone (telefonieren)

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Esp2 Cap3 Describing telephones

15 terms By Karla_Galicia4 Teacher

Simu na Mtandao - Telephone and Internet

20 terms By kathy_abraham Teacher

Autour du téléphone

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Telephone Skills

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电话号码Telephone Number

9 terms By yeyuning Teacher

" The Telephone" Vocabulary

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French Intermediate: Telephoning

37 terms By sadfrog Teacher

V 5.1 Au téléphone

11 terms By Le_Club_des_cinq Teacher

telephoning unit1

15 terms By szekelyeva Teacher

telephoning unit1

15 terms By szekelyeva Teacher

Esp2 Cap3 Describing a telephone

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Level 2 - U1: Telephone numbers 1

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Spanish Telephone Vocab

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Level 2 - U4: Telephone messages 1

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The telephone

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V5.2 Au Téléphone

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24 terms By edescsilla Teacher

Wonders 4.2_ A Telephone Mix-up

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25 terms By Arina7 Teacher

Un coup de téléphone (Escalier 2, texte 1)

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Telephone Vocabulary

14 terms By senoritamorris Teacher

C'est quoi le numéro de téléphone?

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Cal - Telephoning

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Telephone language: Phrasal verbs

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