CHS Sp 2 Tener idioms

57 terms By ProfesoraTurner Teacher

Spanish 2 review - "Tener idioms"

30 terms By sgraber

Tener idioms

15 terms By WittyWeng Teacher

Tener Idioms - Spanish 1

13 terms By cmlingle Teacher

Tener idioms

7 terms By gossa-tcs-k12-nc-us Teacher

TENER idioms

10 terms By SalasCynthia Teacher

Tener idioms

14 terms By misshauschildt Teacher

Exprésate 1 Capítulo 4: Tener/Idioms/Venir

33 terms By jpgentlesk Teacher


17 terms By HSS-CLASSROOM Teacher

Tener Idioms

22 terms By Godolphins39

Spanish 4 Tener Idioms

16 terms By cpsadlo

Tener Idioms

19 terms By Iridipu Teacher

Tener Idioms, Realidades 2, Capítulo 1A, AVSR

5 terms By gossa-tcs-k12-nc-us Teacher

Petersen: Tener idioms

16 terms By tapogna Teacher

Tener Idioms

10 terms By dgadziola Teacher

Tener Idioms Spanish II

23 terms By stephokal13

Tener Idioms

20 terms By huskyeagle Teacher

La Familia/La Casa/tener idioms- Spanish 1- Cap. 5

47 terms By beldenb


14 terms By maestralowe

tener idioms spanish 2

27 terms By golfer1997

Tener Idioms NAHS

24 terms By jlcrick Teacher

Tener Idioms Spanish Unit 4

5 terms By sarah_weltz

Tener idioms (spanish)

21 terms By seyu


30 terms By SraHutch

Tener Idioms

10 terms By tangneym

Tener Idioms Ch. 4

19 terms By Szintzel

1A - Ch 4a TENER idioms - set 1

7 terms By SraWendt Teacher

Repaso C: Tener Idioms

19 terms By snfrancis Teacher

Exprésate 2, Capítulo 1: Tener Idioms

24 terms By jpgentlesk Teacher

Tener idioms

78 terms By vanengine2

Tener idioms and expressions of sickness

26 terms By cmlingle Teacher

Unidad 3 Tener Idioms/Expressions

31 terms By silvia_tilton Teacher

Spanish 3 - Tener Idioms

20 terms By senorbanas Teacher

Tener present / idioms- Spanish is Fun-

27 terms By osogrito

Exam Review #6 (Tener Idioms)

17 terms By senoritabonita

Tener idioms

5 terms By Sraruizwiley Teacher

señora z-w español 2A z-w unidad 5B restaurant and tener idioms

34 terms By Z-W Teacher


14 terms By calise3 Teacher

Tener Idioms

9 terms By fravan Teacher

Tener idioms

13 terms By profe-edwards Teacher

Tener idioms

15 terms By lasenorapora

Unit 5 Tener Idioms

9 terms By cshirkey Teacher

Tener Idioms Spanish I

7 terms By sobotaj

Gahanna Spanish I Chapter 4.1 VENIR/TENER IDIOMS

17 terms By frionij Teacher

Tener Idioms -spanish 1

18 terms By xXpandaluv14Xx

Lesson 16--Tener idioms

9 terms By mrsmarci03 Teacher

Tener Idioms

27 terms By senorweaver Teacher

Verb Tener Idioms

21 terms By MIBOU Teacher

Tener Idioms

19 terms By gmvaldez Teacher

tener idioms- spanish

23 terms By Aysha_Rigby