Imperfect Practice AR Verbs

By b_fruge
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final exam forms

By heilnic000
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Imper conj.

By alexandraheth
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Imperfect (Past) AR Verbs

By Kaya4030
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Imperfect Tense Ar Verbs

By sarahroell17
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AR Verb Endings for imperfect tense

By mcranleyTEACHER
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Spanish ar er ir

By patkmedio3
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terminaciones del imperfecto AR

By hmittl15
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Imperfect Verbs Ar endings

By miss-rachb
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Aba Ia

By Tori_Jennings
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AR - imperfect

By monasser_awadh
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Imperfect Ar

By LPorkMD14
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Ar, Er, Ir

By jp_palmer3
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By Narco420
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Imperfect Tense: AR endings

By darla_matthews
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By Aaron_Honn
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aba 74

By Stroebl
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Spanish tense

By Jamie_Silverman3
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imperfect tense conjugations

By Sasha_Narang
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"Used to" spanish verbs

By V_DeShields
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AR Imperfect Endings

By Colton_Scott6
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Endings (imperfecto, etc)

By dmarco20
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Ar verbs

By Prometheus1400
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ar/ir imperfect

By Carson_Turner6
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Imperfect Ar and ir

By Teegeetiger
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imperfecto ar er ir

By margot34
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Imperfect Ar, Er/Ir

By nitro_shinobi
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Imperfect ar, er, and ir

By gigi_1999
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Imperfect endings AR/IR/ER

By nighthawk075
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Imperfecto conjugation- AR Endings

By McKayla_Conner6
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Spanish imperfect ar and ER/ir

By madison_connell6
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imperfect ar verb conjugations

By Susan_Desai
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AR ER IR regular imperfect preterite

By schwable1234
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Spanish imperfect Ar/Er/Ir endings

By Audrey_thebear
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imperfect endings ar, er, and ir

By tthrift
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Imperfect AR ER/IR

By MaiyaMcKee99
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Spanish pret & imper

By catnelso
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Endings for Imperfect

By rblundon16
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Endings for imperfect ar and er/ir

By tmerry
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Imperfect ar and er/ir endings

By e_muckerheide
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imperfect er/ir and ar endings

By Ktwescott12
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Él Imperfecto

By KathyDoheny
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Spanish 3

By chandlerquiz
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Ar - Imperfecto

By meggac98
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By Shelby_Allen31
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Imperfect Tense

By Emily_Marsh4
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By brookiemiller
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reg imperfect endings

By tatelynmoran
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Imperfect conjugations

By gbacher
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