Action verbs for the second month of Spanish

By maobrienafftonTEACHER
14 terms by maobrienafftonTEACHER

Los verbos=The verbs

By Parky_Anderson
10 terms by Parky_Anderson

Spanish I Quarter 2 verbs

By maobrienafftonTEACHER
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AH verbs

By mgrinder
20 terms by mgrinder

Spanish Common Verb List #4

By tomadams
36 terms by tomadams

ELL Verb List 4

By Jennifer_SalleeTEACHER
20 terms by Jennifer_SalleeTEACHER

AH English vocab

By riabrown419
20 terms by riabrown419

Realism Vocab

By WPumphrey
15 terms by WPumphrey


By allyfloth
16 terms by allyfloth

AH English vocab 1

By kalliecoll
20 terms by kalliecoll

French Alphabet

By sjzabalou
26 terms by sjzabalou

Ch 0 - Classroom Vocabulary

By schmidth1TEACHER
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By Davena_BagnallTEACHER
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French Alphabet

By dancestarluv
26 terms by dancestarluv

Reflexive Verbs

By smanwell
26 terms by smanwell

Italian Verb lists

By AustinHeidt
25 terms by AustinHeidt

french alphabet

By hleealex
26 terms by hleealex

Avancemos 3 U3-L1 Irregular future "Dirty dozen"

By Amy_ShoemakerTEACHER
12 terms by Amy_ShoemakerTEACHER

9 Parts of speech

By Kyia_Goodwin
10 terms by Kyia_Goodwin

Nature et Fonction

By grace_haeli
17 terms by grace_haeli

Ah ideas

By enzozechiel
12 terms by enzozechiel

Things Everyone Should Know

By piepelea3609
22 terms by piepelea3609


By MiuMixi
28 terms by MiuMixi

Les Mots Interrogatifs

By Sophia_Wolmer
35 terms by Sophia_Wolmer


By tukeha
16 terms by tukeha

Les Mots Interrogatifs

By Marion_HorganTEACHER
35 terms by Marion_HorganTEACHER


By ishika2k
124 terms by ishika2k

Die entführung aus dem Serail Act II Quartet

By ltedtchbsjb
27 terms by ltedtchbsjb

Literacy Spelling test

By Mattinov
12 terms by Mattinov

Interjections List

By minutesuae
27 terms by minutesuae

Go Ahead 7 Unit 2

By christinehauserTEACHER
102 terms by christinehauserTEACHER

Spanish 1 Verbs

By lilly_zamudio4
30 terms by lilly_zamudio4

Grammar - Parts of speach

By Joady
12 terms by Joady

Tenses in malayalam

By sid_ajith
22 terms by sid_ajith

Khmer 3.22.16

By Tim_Walsh6
66 terms by Tim_Walsh6

AHS 180 ch 7 BHCP

By lindsaykg
31 terms by lindsaykg

200 most common French verbs

By JC523
200 terms by JC523

El Alfabeto

By imlovenhorses
30 terms by imlovenhorses

Thai Midterm

By Lizzy_Dombrock
74 terms by Lizzy_Dombrock

negative commands -- singular -- Regular Spanish

By maobrienafftonTEACHER
19 terms by maobrienafftonTEACHER

AH 101 Final

By bbutts13
91 terms by bbutts13

AH final

By kathrynwilson23
91 terms by kathrynwilson23

Parts of Speech

By sarah_feeney8
9 terms by sarah_feeney8

1-Leçon 7/8

By sarahvandyke
84 terms by sarahvandyke

More 2 Irregular Verbs gesamt

By kristina342TEACHER
75 terms by kristina342TEACHER

Quizlet 1: French Personality Adjectives w/ IMAGES

36 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

English III Exam Review

By janneye108
26 terms by janneye108

spanish final vocab (alphabet)

By Jritchey37
29 terms by Jritchey37

Go Ahead 7 Unit 3

By christinehauserTEACHER
99 terms by christinehauserTEACHER


By alligallo
73 terms by alligallo