Allez to go

By EmmaGrigo
14 terms by EmmaGrigo

French 1 Allez, viens! Chapitre 1

By FrauTempletonTEACHER
100 terms by FrauTempletonTEACHER

Irregular verbs

By furlanute
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Give directions- FORMAL (You don't know them!)

By Madame_Che
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Set 6: French 1 Allez, viens! Chapitre 6

By NaaraParedesTEACHER
84 terms by NaaraParedesTEACHER

French to go

9 terms by NJBeachMomTEACHER

french: aller - to go

By knitmeaquiz
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verb " aller " present tense

By Susan_Ngoye
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Allez 2 Module 6 Rendez-vous-Meeting people in formal situations

By mademoiselle_galletTEACHER
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aller (to go) present tense

By spiorad
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"Oy" Verbs

By Linguist24
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French IIA Unit 8 Grammaire

By Ms_Berger
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Formal And Plural Commands

By Paula_Gonzalez1TEACHER
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Allez-viens 3 Chapter 2 etape 1

By kcareynac
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By sophie_taylor_820
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Allez viens 2 Chap 12

By rnyanutseTEACHER
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Allez (To Go)

By Ilove5sos1997
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Allez Viens! Lesson 4 Le Verbe Faire

By MSanchezFr
15 terms by MSanchezFr

French To Be and To Go

18 terms by NJBeachMomTEACHER

formal and plural commands

By MrsDesireeJones
22 terms by MrsDesireeJones

Spanish Formal Commands: 3rd Person Singular and Plural

By sylvmancilla
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Classroom commands in the plural

By Mme-CampbellTEACHER
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allez (to go)

By clairemccunee
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Allez, viens! 1 chapter 11.1

By MrsEHand
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Allez Viens, Chapitre 6

By eguandaliniTEACHER
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French module 6

By Graeme_Ross
9 terms by Graeme_Ross

Personal pronouns in Spanish

10 terms by MSmithSJSTEACHER

VERB ALLER / to go

By bournik1TEACHER
9 terms by bournik1TEACHER

Aller - To Go - LDA

By LindseyAhearn
8 terms by LindseyAhearn

FRENCH Verb: aller = to go

By teacherstephTEACHER
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By reagansmitty3
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Aller- to Go

By Ann_V
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aller= to go

By idcamhigh
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By AnastasiaMalyshkina
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By RaynardMayoTEACHER
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Set 17: French I Allez, viens! Chapitre 6, première étape

By Mme_BergmanTEACHER
37 terms by Mme_BergmanTEACHER

Le verbe ALLER......To Go

By Marie2p
10 terms by Marie2p

Allez Viens 1 Chapitre 11 Vocabulaire

By sbshoup
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conjugating Aller

By rekaiya
9 terms by rekaiya

Bienvenue Ch 5 Aller (to go) + places

By MadameTwedtTEACHER
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Allez Viens 1_Unit 12.2

By mmeorlandoTEACHER
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By Lilyvowles
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"Oy" Verbs

By majesticmsturdivantTEACHER
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Bien dit1 Ch.5 ALLER / aller+Infinitive

By Nathalie_Petrasko
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6.1.b, Things to do. Places to go.

By mrscaffertyTEACHER
17 terms by mrscaffertyTEACHER

D'accord Unit 4A Quizlet 3: ALLER

By karencassie
41 terms by karencassie