Les questions au restaurant (using formal or plural "you")

By nrose8TEACHER
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Allez to go

By EmmaGrigo
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allez to go

By morgan1892
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French 1 Allez, viens! Chapitre 1

By FrauTempletonTEACHER
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Irregular verbs

By furlanute
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Give directions- FORMAL (You don't know them!)

By Madame_Che
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Set 6: French 1 Allez, viens! Chapitre 6

By NaaraParedesTEACHER
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Irregular verbs: aller/to go

By catxcoolxbeans
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french: aller - to go

By knitmeaquiz
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verb " aller " present tense

By Susan_Ngoye
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"Oy" Verbs

By Linguist24
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Allez 2 Module 6 Rendez-vous-Meeting people in formal situations

By mademoiselle_galletTEACHER
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Spanish Formal Commands: 3rd Person Singular and Plural

By Chelsea_Stuckey623
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aller (to go) present tense

By spiorad
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French IIA Unit 8 Grammaire

By Ms_Berger
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Formal And Plural Commands

By Paula_Gonzalez1
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French to go

9 terms by NJBeachMomTEACHER

Allez (To Go)

By Ilove5sos1997
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Allez 2 Unit 4.1 Relationships

By lmshs
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By sophie_taylor_820
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Allez viens 2 Chap 12

By rnyanutseTEACHER
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Allez, viens! 1 chapter 11.1

By MrsEHand
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French To Be and To Go

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Allez French

By marvelousbob1738
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Allez Viens 1_Unit 12.3

By mmeorlando
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Aller - To go

By MadameCicon
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Allez Viens! Lesson 4 Le Verbe Faire

By MSanchezFr
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allez (to go)

By clairemccunee
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formal and plural commands

By MrsDesireeJones
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Spanish Formal Commands: 3rd Person Singular and Plural

By sylvmancilla
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aller verb (to go)

By MrsLSimpson_FrenchTEACHER
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Hammerl Starpoint leçon 14

By lhammerl
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Le verbe aller (to go)

12 terms by howisTEACHER

Allez-viens 3 Chapter 2 etape 1

By kcareynac
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French module 6

By Graeme_Ross
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French Plural Verbs

By breyau17
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Allez Viens, Chapitre 6

By eguandaliniTEACHER
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Aller- to Go

By Ann_V
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By reagansmitty3
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By AnastasiaMalyshkina
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aller= to go

By idcamhigh
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Allez viens, level 1, 11-1

By MmeMuske
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Personal pronouns in Spanish

By MSmithSJS
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Aller - To Go - LDA

By LindseyAhearn
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