Sowell Vocab 4

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Tomy; cutting operation of incision

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Tomy vocab

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13. Tomy (Tom) : cutting, operation of incision

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Vocab Quiz #47 Bio and Tomy (Tom)

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Greek Root

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vocab p 124-129

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Branches of Science

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Branches of Science 2016

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Stems :)

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Aice eng vocab

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Branches of Science

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Branches of Science

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english terms

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Vocab 4.13

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Words From Greek Part 2

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Combo with "Renaissance 2 Health & medicine" and 1 other

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Tomy words

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Vocabulary for the College Bound Student Chapter 4 Sets 11-25

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Specialized Fields of Biology

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Tomy #13

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Eniglish Voc 2

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English 5

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Tomy (tom)

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Branches of biology

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-tomy and -pod Vocabulary

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Branches of Science

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Greek list #5

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E9Simonds Vocab 3

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branches of science

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Plants and animals

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Greek Root 9-12

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Science Chapter 1 - 10th Grade Biology

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Root Word (TOMY/TOM: cutting, operation of incision)

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Greek Words Part 2

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Etymology Chapter 4 (Part 2)

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Scientific Revolution

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vocab 8

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4-12, 4-13

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Vocab 1

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SOPH Vocab 8

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Vocab (p. 124 - 126)

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Greek: Root 13 (Tomy/Tom)

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Greek Roots 13

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Vocabulary Sec 11-20

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Different Areas of Study in Biology

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Word study 4

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Animal Cells Parts and Functions

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