Lesson 1 Ad - "to, toward, add to"

10 terms By MrsNeiman Teacher

Latin Directional Prefix ad- = "to, toward, add to"

10 terms By jmmurphy2

Ad - Latin "to, toward; near, next to"

7 terms By kdbest

stem study: ad - to, toward (level 1)

4 terms By everest_education Teacher

Assimilated Prefixes and Their Assimilations (ad- (to, toward))

8 terms By Destiny_Dudley6 Teacher


79 terms By quizlette2769172

ab- near,to,towards

5 terms By Annastasia_McKinney

a-, ad- = to, add to, toward

20 terms By Jennifer_Harsh

Spanish to/towards

9 terms By bmw0921

ad- ="to toward, add to"

10 terms By jncarter14

ad- near,to,toward

8 terms By sophie_garza

5th grade ad= to, toward, to

10 terms By klangthorp

Ad - To Toward Nearness

45 terms By akayy47

Unit 1 Lesson 5 ad- to, toward, add to

10 terms By ireverett

Unit 1, Lesson 5: ad- = "to, toward, add to"

26 terms By gguernsey8

ad - near, to, toward

8 terms By omelas75


8 terms By its2spooky4me

Unit 1 Lesson 5: ad- ="to, toward, add to"

10 terms By lshafferdcg

AD,A= to, toward

25 terms By FuturesBest1234

Unit 1 Lesson 5 Word Study -/ad/ to, toward, or add to

12 terms By TonyaWatson


10 terms By annej123

Ad to, toward near

10 terms By afaz16

Ad- To, Toward, add to : degeushelp

21 terms By degeushelp

ad - to, toward; near, next to

15 terms By krverham

ad- = "to, toward, add to"

10 terms By cmaupin1

ad - to, towards, add to

10 terms By Kristin_Hoerdt


76 terms By kevinshootable

AD,AC,AF,AG,AL,AN,AP,AR,AS AT- to,toward

17 terms By pwctw

Vocab Test #1 AD-: "to," "toward," "near"

10 terms By trisha_feighan

AD-: "to", "toward", "near"

10 terms By viv_A_n

Ad - to, toward; near, next to

7 terms By Boomer02

AD-: "to," "toward," "near"

10 terms By danny_santos09

Ad/Al- to, toward, near

7 terms By kayakgirl88

word study 'ad' roots "to, toward, add to" degeushelp

21 terms By Ken_deGeus

ad: to, towards, nearness

21 terms By EmeliaB

"from," "away," "off" - "to," "toward," "near…

23 terms By maciehricovec

Vocabulary Week #3 Ad-near, To, Toward

8 terms By verhaegen

AD-: "to", "toward", "near"

10 terms By lhughesss

AD; to, toward, near

9 terms By scantril15

Ad= near, to, toward,

8 terms By Kathleen_Blodgett

Vocabulary Chapter 4 Latin Prefixes 2. AD- "to," "toward," "near"

11 terms By Maria_Shehata

ad- near,to,toward

14 terms By vando_

Ad- Near,to,toward 6th Grade Spelling Golden Elementary

3 terms By Falit123

AD-: to, toward, near

11 terms By Doomhawks

AD = To, Toward, Near

14 terms By allenlv0720

ad- = to toward, add to

10 terms By Elyse_Dennis

SAT vocab ad- "to, toward, add to"

10 terms By esololympia

vocab - AB-, A-, ABS-: "from", "away", "off"/ AD-: "to ", &q…

23 terms By annanorton_

Ad (L) = To, toward

7 terms By misslindysja

Vocab: ad- to, toward, near

10 terms By emily_lane219