Anthro Exam Art

By EmilyBadillo
13 terms by EmilyBadillo

Art definitions

By alainapressotto
11 terms by alainapressotto

AN101 Chapter 14 - The Arts

By kirstinleigh1
10 terms by kirstinleigh1

Chapter 14 The Arts

By davis_foster1
12 terms by davis_foster1

ANT-150: The Arts

By sarah_tuinstra
11 terms by sarah_tuinstra

Ch 14 the arts

By maparicio222
12 terms by maparicio222

ch. 14: the arts

By ssparling
12 terms by ssparling

Ch. 24 The Arts

By gonzest0477
14 terms by gonzest0477

Magic and Witchcraft + Art, Society, & Culture

By Sandrab206
28 terms by Sandrab206

Anthropology The Human Challenge 14th Ed: Chapter 24

By heather_reusch
22 terms by heather_reusch

Chapter 14

By khalil_izard
12 terms by khalil_izard

Chapter 14 Vocab

By Rachel_Kay_Schreiber
12 terms by Rachel_Kay_Schreiber

Anthropology ch.14

By justin_perez90
12 terms by justin_perez90


By libby50hall
10 terms by libby50hall

Anthropology The Human Challenge 14th Ed: Chapter 24

By chillout34
22 terms by chillout34

ANTHRO art, body modifications

By kjlewark
10 terms by kjlewark

My Vocabulary List - Generic Art Terms

By dmanzi
18 terms by dmanzi

Art #1

By efranco15
73 terms by efranco15


By Ynalvi_Marquez
12 terms by Ynalvi_Marquez

My Vocabulary List - Generic Art Terms

By Jackson08mmaTEACHER
29 terms by Jackson08mmaTEACHER


By parker_nash1
24 terms by parker_nash1

Anthropology - Chapter Fourteen

By rogren14
9 terms by rogren14

Exam 1: Art Interpretation

By cheymarie123
41 terms by cheymarie123


By Jennifer_Beavers
25 terms by Jennifer_Beavers

First Lessons in Art

By LDuppstadt
22 terms by LDuppstadt

Art midterm Ch 1-2

By christine_ponte
30 terms by christine_ponte

ANTH Final Exam Ch 14

By CailynChelemedos
12 terms by CailynChelemedos

Art History First Quarter Exam

By Kayla_Simpson47
13 terms by Kayla_Simpson47

Anthro 103 Chapter 14

By PaulineSue
29 terms by PaulineSue

Art chapter 1-4

By mikala_wetherbee
74 terms by mikala_wetherbee

Art appreciation test 1

By KAmour09
73 terms by KAmour09

Anthro. CH 14 The Arts

10 terms by LAVIZA_FUENTES


By shelley_connolly7
760 terms by shelley_connolly7

Creativity of the arts

By cabend02
31 terms by cabend02

Anthro Chapter 14,15,16

By Cathryn_Sanders6
46 terms by Cathryn_Sanders6

Art 1

By abbi_groff
39 terms by abbi_groff

Anthropology Ch. 14

By sara_schwartz3
10 terms by sara_schwartz3

Anthro - Chapter 14

By hunterhulett
10 terms by hunterhulett

Cultural Anthro 14

By hyoung96
11 terms by hyoung96

Karli's Ec-6 Generalist: arts and music

By Karli_Sullivan7
35 terms by Karli_Sullivan7

Art Test 1

By Caroline_Oestriecher
73 terms by Caroline_Oestriecher


By mbzaragoza
13 terms by mbzaragoza

Creative Experiences

By ammie_conger
70 terms by ammie_conger

Art Final

By courtney_cowan7
23 terms by courtney_cowan7


By taywilsoncx
195 terms by taywilsoncx

Art history 1

By chiaraz
14 terms by chiaraz

Art Terms

By maanasaveena
21 terms by maanasaveena

Humanities 4-7

By aapix
11 terms by aapix

Art 101

By Seydi-Kifer
28 terms by Seydi-Kifer