Anthro Exam Art

By EmilyBadillo
13 terms by EmilyBadillo


By cinthiasanchez12
12 terms by cinthiasanchez12

AN101 Chapter 14 - The Arts

By kirstinleigh1
10 terms by kirstinleigh1

Chapter 14 The Arts

By davis_foster1
12 terms by davis_foster1

ANT-150: The Arts

By sarah_tuinstra
11 terms by sarah_tuinstra

Magic and Witchcraft + Art, Society, & Culture

By Sandrab206
28 terms by Sandrab206

Ch. 24 The Arts

By gonzest0477
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ch. 14: the arts

By ssparling
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Anthropology The Human Challenge 14th Ed: Chapter 24

By heather_reusch
22 terms by heather_reusch

Anthropology The Human Challenge 14th Ed: Chapter 24

By chillout34
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Chapter 14

By khalil_izard
12 terms by khalil_izard

Chapter 14 Vocab

By Rachel_Kay_Schreiber
12 terms by Rachel_Kay_Schreiber


By Kayla_Stolins
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Anthropology ch.14

By justin_perez90
12 terms by justin_perez90

My Vocabulary List - Generic Art Terms

By dmanzi
18 terms by dmanzi

ANTHRO art, body modifications

By kjlewark
10 terms by kjlewark

My Vocabulary List - Generic Art Terms

By Jackson08mmaTEACHER
29 terms by Jackson08mmaTEACHER

Anthropology - Chapter Fourteen

By rogren14
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By Ynalvi_Marquez
12 terms by Ynalvi_Marquez

Creative Experiences

By ammie_conger
70 terms by ammie_conger


By Jennifer_Beavers
25 terms by Jennifer_Beavers

Art History First Quarter Exam

By Kayla_Simpson47
13 terms by Kayla_Simpson47

Art midterm Ch 1-2

By christine_ponte
30 terms by christine_ponte

Karli's Ec-6 Generalist: arts and music

By Karli_Sullivan7
35 terms by Karli_Sullivan7

Aesthetics, Art Theory

By Olivia_Matheson6
55 terms by Olivia_Matheson6

ANTH Final Exam Ch 14

By CailynChelemedos
12 terms by CailynChelemedos

Anthro 103 Chapter 14

By PaulineSue
29 terms by PaulineSue

Anthro. CH 14 The Arts

10 terms by LAVIZA_FUENTES

Art App Prelims

By XtiAn_Cirineo
43 terms by XtiAn_Cirineo


By mbzaragoza
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Anthropology Ch. 14

By sara_schwartz3
10 terms by sara_schwartz3

Anthro - Chapter 14

By hunterhulett
10 terms by hunterhulett

Cultural Anthro 14

By hyoung96
11 terms by hyoung96

Art Terms

By maanasaveena
21 terms by maanasaveena

Art history 1

By chiaraz
14 terms by chiaraz

Art 101

By Seydi-Kifer
28 terms by Seydi-Kifer

Art Appreciation Test 1

By Joel_Frison4
43 terms by Joel_Frison4

Humanities 4-7

By aapix
11 terms by aapix

2D art eta #1

By erin_davenport
21 terms by erin_davenport

Art Final

By courtney_cowan7
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By shelley_connolly7
760 terms by shelley_connolly7

Chapter 14

By pippi_de_bree
10 terms by pippi_de_bree

Art I Vocabulary Elements and Principles

By brittneygraff
19 terms by brittneygraff

Anthropology 24-25

By KS777
25 terms by KS777

Cultural Anthropology Chapter 14

By kbpitman1
11 terms by kbpitman1

Exploring context(Chp:7)

By farjana_rimu
10 terms by farjana_rimu

Chapter 3

By kirstie_renae_salers
10 terms by kirstie_renae_salers

Theater Chapter 3-4

By jacksonroy22
33 terms by jacksonroy22

Anthropology Final Exam Chapter 14

By mferraro2
20 terms by mferraro2