Hi and bye! Deutsch 7

By Christy_CharltonTEACHER
15 terms by Christy_CharltonTEACHER

Greetings/ Hi & Bye

By MadameKelley208
12 terms by MadameKelley208

Saying hi and bye

By Amelia_Oberholzer
9 terms by Amelia_Oberholzer

Hi and bye! Deutsch 7

By hbellair12
15 terms by hbellair12

Greetings / I saluti

By clyne_lorettaTEACHER
8 terms by clyne_lorettaTEACHER

1. Greet others and say good-bye; be polite

By ErinBradbury5
15 terms by ErinBradbury5


By Elisabetta_Gatti
8 terms by Elisabetta_Gatti

Einheit 1 Deutsch 7 (Kombination)

By Christy_CharltonTEACHER
130 terms by Christy_CharltonTEACHER


By Elisabetta_Gatti
8 terms by Elisabetta_Gatti

Italian English

By Miso27
8 terms by Miso27


By StudyItalian
8 terms by StudyItalian


By Lucia1312
10 terms by Lucia1312

Hellos and Byes

By collinb1129
14 terms by collinb1129

Ciao! Chapter 1 Vocabulary

By MVBeatty
72 terms by MVBeatty

hi bye

By ChiefMiles2007
19 terms by ChiefMiles2007


By prittybuterfly
9 terms by prittybuterfly

French Vocabulary 1

By Rose_Sao
13 terms by Rose_Sao

Italian stuff

By pineapple-girl-lola
11 terms by pineapple-girl-lola

100 IT - Greetings

By enza_currentiTEACHER
9 terms by enza_currentiTEACHER

100 IT - Greetings

By enza_currentiTEACHER
14 terms by enza_currentiTEACHER


By Ben_Orlemann
20 terms by Ben_Orlemann

Vocabulaire le 6 septembre, Vidéo 1ère partie

By SASFrenchteacherTEACHER
37 terms by SASFrenchteacherTEACHER

French vocabulary

By nicbarone
8 terms by nicbarone

Italian Greetings/Salutations

By GggoniasTEACHER
18 terms by GggoniasTEACHER


By Jakob_Chrest
10 terms by Jakob_Chrest

DCS French Voc 1. Greetings

By rwalk
20 terms by rwalk

Italian Vocab Homework

By jbuttar
13 terms by jbuttar

Greetings - Week #1

By DavisAcademy2015
9 terms by DavisAcademy2015


By Angelina1101
10 terms by Angelina1101

I saluti

By Elisaram
10 terms by Elisaram


By HAYDENinuse
21 terms by HAYDENinuse


By Aaron_Jiang71
9 terms by Aaron_Jiang71

French greetings

By squeakyicequeen
10 terms by squeakyicequeen

Italian Greetings

By savannahsiu1808
9 terms by savannahsiu1808


By incrediblehotdog
32 terms by incrediblehotdog

Greetings and Farewells

By cindy_kothandaraman
20 terms by cindy_kothandaraman

Saying Hi & Bye

By FrauCleland
21 terms by FrauCleland

Español hi and bye

By sparkleprincess22
28 terms by sparkleprincess22

Couleurs, Bonjour et les nombres

By broderickmTEACHER
79 terms by broderickmTEACHER

RED: Lesson 7: Bye Bye, Ai [Use written or flashcards]

By dedequizTEACHER
18 terms by dedequizTEACHER

Saluti/ Greetings

By etagliabue2
12 terms by etagliabue2

greetings and goodbyes

By Michele_Brennan5
15 terms by Michele_Brennan5

Italian Mid-Term expressions in conversation

By Alexa_Newbert
9 terms by Alexa_Newbert

French Greetings for 6th

By Rebecca_Lord
19 terms by Rebecca_Lord

Auguri - greetings

By deathstroke_jr
12 terms by deathstroke_jr

Hi, bye and getting to know you part 1 (list 1)

By ProfeTaborTEACHER
35 terms by ProfeTaborTEACHER

Komm Mit 1 Kapitel 1.1

By lambueTEACHER
39 terms by lambueTEACHER

French Greetings w/ English images-French

By screen69TEACHER
26 terms by screen69TEACHER


By pepito131
8 terms by pepito131