By Nicky_HaulotteTEACHER
8 terms by Nicky_HaulotteTEACHER

Migration (Listening_workshop)

By Simin_Duan
8 terms by Simin_Duan

Colonialism Vocab

10 terms by MsWehdeTEACHER

Colonialism, Slavery, Freedom and Democracy

By Georgia_Harding6
11 terms by Georgia_Harding6


By quizlette5795843
9 terms by quizlette5795843

WW1 Notes

By PhilipMonreal
19 terms by PhilipMonreal

27.1 Imperialists Divide Africa

By Christine_Szeto
14 terms by Christine_Szeto

English around the World

By Lars_Drewsen
24 terms by Lars_Drewsen


By kommie_singh
13 terms by kommie_singh

History Definitions

By Izzystar1616
13 terms by Izzystar1616

History words set 1

By wimharta1
13 terms by wimharta1

Chapter 11

By medarvis
19 terms by medarvis

Age of Exploration

By David_Strouf
25 terms by David_Strouf

English around the World

24 terms by Sylvia_STUTEACHER

The Age of the powerful Monarchs

By Rafa64
19 terms by Rafa64

Modern History terms

By Aniya_Selvadurai_
13 terms by Aniya_Selvadurai_

Chapter 3 Vocabulary

By maiettaJ
15 terms by maiettaJ

European Imperialism

By Malawrence328
9 terms by Malawrence328

Roots of American Government

By reginacox
11 terms by reginacox

Terminology used in Modern History

By wimcrawh1
13 terms by wimcrawh1

key items

By sharonfoulon
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By anishahartney
13 terms by anishahartney

History- types of leaders and governments

By wimhanne1
13 terms by wimhanne1


By sandra_kruger
12 terms by sandra_kruger

U.S. History - Colonial America

By mrsbarksdale
19 terms by mrsbarksdale

Miss McCurnin's Ancient Greece Vocab

By ktmccurnin
16 terms by ktmccurnin

Changing Geography Colonialism

By Flashlj11
8 terms by Flashlj11

Chapter 1 Roots of American Government

By julieosterhaus
11 terms by julieosterhaus


By Makiyaahh
8 terms by Makiyaahh

Create a New Colony Vocabulary

By Gregory_Clark1
8 terms by Gregory_Clark1

Africa vocabulary (2016L)

By chrisrettig
20 terms by chrisrettig

Ancient Greece (Geography & Government)

By kjmagnusonTEACHER
14 terms by kjmagnusonTEACHER

Ch 22 Nationalism and Imperialism Vocabulary

By Mr_May_ClassTEACHER
16 terms by Mr_May_ClassTEACHER

world war 0ne study guide

By quizlette139180
13 terms by quizlette139180

Colonial Vocabulary

By mixgixxer
20 terms by mixgixxer

Foreign Policy

By Kaitlyn_Rentas
8 terms by Kaitlyn_Rentas

Colonial Economics and Government

By Steve_Marks7
16 terms by Steve_Marks7

Colonial America

27 terms by MrMormanTEACHER


By rachelnix
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ww1 terms

By Nathan_Sweet9
13 terms by Nathan_Sweet9

8th grade_Unit 1_13 colonies

By Linny_Nguyen
20 terms by Linny_Nguyen

Age of Exploration

By alice_bi
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By Viviana_Mota
34 terms by Viviana_Mota

Foregin Policy

By kayla63636
8 terms by kayla63636

Global 10R Imperialism

By lwestcott
12 terms by lwestcott

Civics & Economics Unit 1 Review

By shupingjd
49 terms by shupingjd

Chapter 10 (short list)

By mrslori
10 terms by mrslori