Vocabulário x = cs

By mariainescabrita
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By teachernoisette
40 terms by teachernoisette

iGCSE Computer Science - Data Representation

By Hari_Denton
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Vocab 2 - computer terms

By Kendra_ShaferTEACHER
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Computer Terms Jaylen S.

By cccs06comp1
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Computer Science: Computer Organisation

By Mrs_Dewey
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Computer Systems Terminology

By amazingMrsargueta
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Computer Vocabulary

By Barbara_Darois
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Computer Terminology

By bepetersTEACHER
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Computer Systems

By dmuha33TEACHER
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4 (Vocabulary = Словарь) Описания + объекты

By popravko_andrey
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W-01.3 Schule und Universität = School and University (S. 67)

By Pichugin
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Grundlagenwissen Computer

By NiedererTEACHER
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Leisure activities = prostočasne aktivnosti

By BIC_Maja
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Basic Computer Info

By Kate-ClairTEACHER
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Computer Science Keywords with Meanings

By Christopher_Butler5TEACHER
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Computer Systems

By mrsamcintosh
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Y11 Computer Science CPU

By Bernadette_Cook
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AP Computer Science - Common Coding Patterns

By raliberti
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Duits zakelijk 1 : Lektion 1 ( Im Büro = in het kantoor)

By annemaries2014TEACHER
13 terms by annemaries2014TEACHER

Japanese Hobbies

By kasumi89TEACHER
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PGS Nat 5 Computing Science Definitions

By mconlon68TEACHER
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AIJ 4.5

By carolinsenseiTEACHER
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AIJ 4.5

By karalee-ripley
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Iitomo 3/4 Unit 5 Part 1 Popular Places and Activities for Fun

18 terms by YifanDuNMHSTEACHER

Japanese 1010 Genki Chapter 6 Nouns

By howell_hillary
18 terms by howell_hillary

Digital Literacy Understanding computer Basics

By ryan_miller321TEACHER
25 terms by ryan_miller321TEACHER

Computer Science: Computer Organisation

By PlatinumGlasses
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Computer Systems and Hardware

By rtingle2
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Computer Parts, Ports and Terms

By owencath
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Computer Basics

By Rodney_Bettis
32 terms by Rodney_Bettis

Genki I Lesson 6: Nouns & Adjective

By Ryoko_TC
19 terms by Ryoko_TC

Business Computer Application 1

35 terms by L_BeaversTEACHER

Genki I Lesson 6 - Vocabulary - Nouns and な-Adjective

By Aozora_Ishizaki
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AQA GCSE Computer Science

By Emma_B900
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By ryoko_india_fujise
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AP Computer Science A Terms

By Elisa_LovejoyTEACHER
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Lesson 3:Stationery and classroom items

By simsensei
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Nihongo Kantan Chapter 2 Hobby-related

By MsLeahGordonTEACHER
23 terms by MsLeahGordonTEACHER

getting started 2 subject and school related items

By inoueyxTEACHER
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Genki Lesson 6

By sanakoalaTEACHER
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みんなの日本語I 第2課

By Kazuko_Takahashi
26 terms by Kazuko_Takahashi

みんなの日本語I 第2課-ひらがな番

By Kazuko_Takahashi
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By ledarius_cooper
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PLTW Computer Science: Unit 2 Lesson 3

By Aida_Martinez6TEACHER
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15 terms by mrrv2TEACHER

GCSE/A Level Computing Binary Numbers

13 terms by mrBasuTEACHER

stk-n5 computer scientist

By cosideskTEACHER
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Genki Vocabulary 6

By thanh_lan_truong
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Genki Japanese L6

By yutamasuda
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