Keyboard/Mouse Commands

By CAmon29
20 terms by CAmon29

Computer Tech: Keyboard Commands

By Emmserina
8 terms by Emmserina

Keyboard and Mouse

By Custodio_GomezTEACHER
15 terms by Custodio_GomezTEACHER

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Keyboard Commands

By pwoolfTEACHER
75 terms by pwoolfTEACHER

Parts of a Computer / Keyboard (3-5)

By shemcs
15 terms by shemcs


By Bozena54TEACHER
9 terms by Bozena54TEACHER

Computer Keyboard

12 terms by ZubiateATEACHER

Basic Computer Parts Review

By sikess
13 terms by sikess

Computers for ESL Students: Chapter 4 The Computer Keyboard (nouns and verbs)

By lauraknudsonTEACHER
14 terms by lauraknudsonTEACHER

Parts of a computer / Keyboard (K-2)

By shemcs
15 terms by shemcs

Keyboard Commands

By ms_zita
17 terms by ms_zita

Parts of a Keyboard and Parts of a Computer

By btmchan
18 terms by btmchan

Computer Vocabulary

By HamiltonKaren
14 terms by HamiltonKaren


By martaquiz
11 terms by martaquiz

Computer Hardware

By georth
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By Katie_Cornes
13 terms by Katie_Cornes

Computer Words

By Jessie_Baynes
12 terms by Jessie_Baynes

Keyboard Vocabulary

By Taraflores87
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By louurdesms
8 terms by louurdesms

Kindergarten Computer terms

By Carrie_DeNote
10 terms by Carrie_DeNote


By jslife80
11 terms by jslife80

Computer Vocabulary

By luetjen
11 terms by luetjen

Computer Lab Key Terms

22 terms by ZubiateATEACHER

Know Your Computer (Keyboard)

By mrsdraz
21 terms by mrsdraz

Computer Definitions and Pictures

By roxannevoira
16 terms by roxannevoira

Computer 1

By Marine_Cools
14 terms by Marine_Cools


By ejbrooks13
8 terms by ejbrooks13

Computer Keyboard Word Processing Vocabulary 3-5

By Heather_Duncan7
40 terms by Heather_Duncan7


11 terms by S_O3TEACHER

Computer Basics - U1 L2 Review - Input, Output, Storage

By MorrisonAnnaM
32 terms by MorrisonAnnaM

computer skills

By sue_janacek
10 terms by sue_janacek

Basic Computer 2

By Chava_Glez
13 terms by Chava_Glez


By TheSarahj
12 terms by TheSarahj

Computer images

By Bonniegirl
12 terms by Bonniegirl

Computer Basics

By SFD2014
9 terms by SFD2014

Computer Technology

By Cindy_Hunt
20 terms by Cindy_Hunt

Computer Basics

By RBRteach
10 terms by RBRteach

Computer terms

By mhemming
8 terms by mhemming

Parts of a Computer - LLab

By mwmiller7
11 terms by mwmiller7

Keyboarding Computer Terms

By oshsepf
10 terms by oshsepf

Basic Computer Terms

By nklimisch2023
14 terms by nklimisch2023

Computer Parts

By msmith02lcisd
16 terms by msmith02lcisd

1st Grade Computer Terms

By rdsschlrTEACHER
9 terms by rdsschlrTEACHER

Ztree Keyboard Commands

By Nicolas_Harder
13 terms by Nicolas_Harder

Computer Mouse Vocabulary

By Patte_Bowman
10 terms by Patte_Bowman

Parts of a Computer - Kindergarten

By joanna_17000TEACHER
11 terms by joanna_17000TEACHER

Computer Parts

By Lora_Meyers
12 terms by Lora_Meyers

Computer Vocabulary

By teacherrobin6
10 terms by teacherrobin6