Meeting fpr 1 time

By ronipecho
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Lesson 1 Meeting for the first time

By xingyuan_chu
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Free Time - Trips and Meetings (Part 1)

By Nikhil_Sharma29
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SFE1.3 Video Vocabulary: Meeting for the First Time

By hildi_pardoTEACHER
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KIS MS Chinese 1 Lesson 3.1 - What Time and What Time to Meet

By Rainyizhoulunardo
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Ananas Level 1 Unit 1 - Nice to meet you - 4th family (Telling time)

By goncalvesTEACHER
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Unidad 4: Set C.2 Conocer vs. Saber (identify when to use which verb based on the situation)

By wendyestaffieriTEACHER
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Conocer vs. Saber

By sswestonTEACHER
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Saber vs. Conocer {To know}

By pittmanab
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Meet the Greeks 1

By Debbie_DeWall
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Conocer vs. Saber

By ProfeKoch
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#1 Spanish vocab (To Know saber/conocer)

By Andrea_Zielinski
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Conocer vs. Saber (identify when to use which verb based on the situation)

By Isaiah_Johnson89
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Sp2 Chapter 11 Saber vs Conocer

By pmzapata
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The Verbs saber and conocer

By thenamitom
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Conocer vs. Saber (identify when to use which verb based on the situation)

By pochitatejanaTEACHER
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to know

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Vocabulario 1

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1 Many Cultures Meet

By amandapresley
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Spanish Saber vs Conocer

By lesliearez
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Unidad 1 - It's Nice to Meet You

By degoveaTEACHER
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U6L1 Saber vs. Conocer Examples

By emmakgeorge8
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By daniel_alusinsing
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Avancemos 1b Unidad 6 Lección 1 Gramática

By Ms_Altick
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Ch. 5 - Pobre Ana

By acadams2
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By bwebb32
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Jugar, Saber, y Conocer

By CobyCoby1212
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saber vs conocer

By ghasdf
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By rhube19
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Saber y Conocer

By rscholteTEACHER
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Chapter 6 lesson 1 saber and conocer

By wienerc21
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When Cultures Meet

By Livingston08
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English Plus 1: Unit 1 - Vocabulary Free Time

By GeAniko
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Ch 6-3 : Arranging to meet someone

By ritalyusaTEACHER
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Saber/Conocer, Ser/Estar

By Grace_McAnally
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WordMasters 4th Grade Gold Meet 1 2015

By rlsneed
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ASD Chapter 9 Spanish I Saber and Conocer

By sradukalaTEACHER
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conocer and saber

By wyswimming44
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Saber vs Conocer

By Tabatha_Cass
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Sample Sentences in English with SABER & CONOCER

By supermaestraTEACHER
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By pmoroni
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Saber & Conocer

By mrhee6
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Elementary Unit 1A

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Conocer vs. Saber

By MrsRWallace
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