Past, Pastor Flock, Herd

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Roots --greg (flock/herd)

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Past, pastor = Shepherd and greg = flock, herd.

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Past, pasture = "Shepherd" and Greg = "flock, herd"


Past, Pastor = "Shepherd" Greg = "Flock, Herd"

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Past, pastor= "shepherd" and greg= " flock, herd"

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Bases past, pastor= shepherd and Greg=flock, herd

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past, pastor (shepherd) and greg (flock, herd)

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past, pastor (shepherd) and greg (flock, herd)

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past,pastor= "shepherd" and greg= "flock, herd"

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Base Words past, pastor = "Shepherd" and greg = "flock, herd"

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17.1 Introduction to Herd and Flock Health - Population Medicine

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Groups of Animals

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Collective nouns

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Collective Nouns 2

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Animal Groups

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Collective Nouns- people and animals

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собирательные существительные

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Root words 2

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week 34

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Collective nouns 7th form

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Collective nouns

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Unit 2 Lesson 7 bases

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Unit 2 Lesson 7 bases

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choueifat-grammar 06- collective nouns (animals and objects)

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Starlight8 6f

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Enterprise pre Un 17

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collective nouns

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Vet Assisting Group

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Divide And Conquer: Past, Pastor, and Greg

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Collective nouns

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Collective nouns

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Collective nouns

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Collective nouns

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Groups lexis

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Labour in a forest and animals

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Kiz-Collective nouns

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Collective nouns

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Collective nouns

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ANIMALS 1 - Farm animals

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