Lesson 11 -greg-(meaning herd/flock) -her-(meaning to stick) & -sim-(meaning to be like)

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GREG- herd/flock; group

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Flock and herd investigations:

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10 grex gregis - flock, herd, drove, group, troop, company Greek

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Roots --greg (flock/herd)

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past, pastor="shepherd" & greg="flock, herd"

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"Greg" words (flock, herd, group)

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greg- flock/herds/gather

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M-1 : Words about greg(flock or herd), her(to stick), and sim(like)

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Bases past, pastor= shepherd and Greg=flock, herd

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Vocab L3 ROOT: Greg= to group, to flock, to herd; Here= to stick; Sim/Sem=like, same

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List 13

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Lesson 7 Root Word Vocabulary

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GAVW 3.4 (17) - Origins and Related Words III

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The Aeneid Book VII: Juno Served by a Fury

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Early Humans Vocab list #1

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Week.33 vocab

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vocab list 3 (junct and greg)

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Vocabulary Lesson 13

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Bases past,pastor/greg

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English Vocab Week 7

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AP Lang Vocabulary

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grex, gregis

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8th Grade: Unit 2, Lesson 7

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Vocab #9

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Paradise Lost Book 3/ C.2 /1.55

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