Gallon Quart Pint Cups

By Maymee
13 terms by Maymee

Cups pints quarts gallons

By Hannah_Jacob6
9 terms by Hannah_Jacob6

Cups pints quarts gallons

By Warrenclarkjohnson
9 terms by Warrenclarkjohnson

Cups pints quarts gallons

By Phillip_Vieth
9 terms by Phillip_Vieth


By char_panz
9 terms by char_panz

Cups, Pints, Quarts, Gallons, Pecks, Bushels

By allieptak
9 terms by allieptak

Customary Units of Capacity

By MsPolksClass
14 terms by MsPolksClass

English to English Volume

By Dodarten
8 terms by Dodarten


By Unicorn6404
8 terms by Unicorn6404

Customary Units for Capacity

By teachers5
15 terms by teachers5

Capacity Conversions

By Jordan_Einbinder
10 terms by Jordan_Einbinder

Customary Units of Measurement

By planetourth
13 terms by planetourth

Mr. Gallon

By Jennifer_Murphy3
9 terms by Jennifer_Murphy3

Comparing Units Of Volume Measurement

By jrebman
14 terms by jrebman

Gallon Man Math

By maribelm6
14 terms by maribelm6

units or length ,weight,

By piper_ramback
20 terms by piper_ramback

Customary Units for Capacity

By TheHollyAshe10
15 terms by TheHollyAshe10

English and Metric Measures

By LukeFlowers
11 terms by LukeFlowers

Serafina's level 2 class Measures!

By stassi
8 terms by stassi

units of measure

10 terms by ELENA_HORN


By Katie_Gross6TEACHER
12 terms by Katie_Gross6TEACHER

Measurements: liquid

By maureendahdah207
12 terms by maureendahdah207

Math- Customary Units of Capacity

By awesomearti
9 terms by awesomearti

Customary Units Capacity

By DarthVader1022
10 terms by DarthVader1022

B.O.H. Vocab. Measurements

By mcarter41
8 terms by mcarter41


By tiffking1
27 terms by tiffking1

LHIS-Liquid Measurement Terms-5th Grade

By ginajohn
15 terms by ginajohn

Units of Capacity

By kandiland17
10 terms by kandiland17

English to English Conversions

By Dmaki2002
23 terms by Dmaki2002

Conversion Customary Units - Capacity and Weight

By dparkcms
11 terms by dparkcms


By Jaylow999
9 terms by Jaylow999

Culinary Units mixed

By tglahn
12 terms by tglahn

Conversion Units - Capacity

By cmaagbl
10 terms by cmaagbl

Customary Units

By histeacher56
15 terms by histeacher56

LHIS-Liquid Measurement Terms-5th Grade

By eileen_oune
15 terms by eileen_oune

3rd grade units of measurement

By srastigallTEACHER
14 terms by srastigallTEACHER

Units of Capacity

By alexhidalgo
8 terms by alexhidalgo

Standard Units of Measure

By Joshua_Stover8TEACHER
20 terms by Joshua_Stover8TEACHER


By so_much_more
9 terms by so_much_more


By Jylilps
9 terms by Jylilps


By PrettyGirl216
10 terms by PrettyGirl216

Math units

By soccer_star_09
12 terms by soccer_star_09


By nikiwhitmanTEACHER
12 terms by nikiwhitmanTEACHER

Customary System - Capacity

By jasleen20
29 terms by jasleen20

Unit conventions

By bbeni0125
9 terms by bbeni0125

Capacity Conversions

By scraps
8 terms by scraps

Units and Measurements

By Twila_Smallwood
11 terms by Twila_Smallwood

Customary and Metric Capacity

15 terms by GSifferTEACHER