Gallon Quart Pint Cups

By Maymee
13 terms by Maymee

Cups pints quarts gallons

By Hannah_Jacob6
9 terms by Hannah_Jacob6

Cups pints quarts gallons

By Warrenclarkjohnson
9 terms by Warrenclarkjohnson

Cups pints quarts gallons

By Phillip_Vieth
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By char_panz
9 terms by char_panz

Cups, Pints, Quarts, Gallons, Pecks, Bushels

By allieptak
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By brooekie
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Customary Units of Capacity

By MsPolksClass
14 terms by MsPolksClass

English to English Volume

By Dodarten
8 terms by Dodarten


By Unicorn6404
8 terms by Unicorn6404

Customary Units for Capacity

By teachers5
15 terms by teachers5

Capacity Conversions

By Jordan_Einbinder
10 terms by Jordan_Einbinder

Customary Units of Measurement

By planetourth
13 terms by planetourth

Mr. Gallon

By Jennifer_Murphy3
9 terms by Jennifer_Murphy3

Comparing Units Of Volume Measurement

By jrebman
14 terms by jrebman

units or length ,weight,

By piper_ramback
20 terms by piper_ramback

Gallon Man Math

By maribelm6TEACHER
14 terms by maribelm6TEACHER

Customary Units for Capacity

By TheHollyAshe10
15 terms by TheHollyAshe10

English and Metric Measures

By LukeFlowers
11 terms by LukeFlowers

Serafina's level 2 class Measures!

By stassi
8 terms by stassi


By Katie_Gross6TEACHER
12 terms by Katie_Gross6TEACHER

Math- Customary Units of Capacity

By awesomearti
9 terms by awesomearti

Measurements: liquid

By maureendahdah207
12 terms by maureendahdah207

English Liquid Measures

By Kent_GolchertTEACHER
13 terms by Kent_GolchertTEACHER

Customary Units Capacity

By DarthVader1022
10 terms by DarthVader1022

B.O.H. Vocab. Measurements

By mcarter41
8 terms by mcarter41


By tiffking1
27 terms by tiffking1

Units of Capacity

By kandiland17
10 terms by kandiland17

LHIS-Liquid Measurement Terms-5th Grade

By ginajohn
15 terms by ginajohn

English to English Conversions

By Dmaki2002
23 terms by Dmaki2002

Conversion Customary Units - Capacity and Weight

By dparkcms
11 terms by dparkcms

Culinary Units mixed

By tglahn
12 terms by tglahn

Conversion Units - Capacity

By cmaagbl
10 terms by cmaagbl


By Jaylow999
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By nikiwhitmanTEACHER
12 terms by nikiwhitmanTEACHER

Customary Units

By histeacher56
15 terms by histeacher56

LHIS-Liquid Measurement Terms-5th Grade

By eileen_oune
15 terms by eileen_oune

unit one cooking review

By lbickett15
17 terms by lbickett15

Units of Capacity

By alexhidalgo
8 terms by alexhidalgo

3rd grade units of measurement

By srastigallTEACHER
14 terms by srastigallTEACHER

Math units

By soccer_star_09
12 terms by soccer_star_09

Standard Units of Measure

By Joshua_Stover8TEACHER
20 terms by Joshua_Stover8TEACHER


By Jylilps
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By PrettyGirl216
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Units and Measurements

By Twila_Smallwood
11 terms by Twila_Smallwood

Unit conventions

By bbeni0125
9 terms by bbeni0125

Customary System - Capacity

By jasleen20
29 terms by jasleen20

English system

By juliamay2003
9 terms by juliamay2003