Inches, Feet, and Yards Conversion Practice

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Units of Length (inches, feet, yards, and mile)

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Math Distance Measurements (inches/feet/yards)

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Inches feet yards

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Math Distance Measurements (inches/feet/yards)

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Math Distance Measurements (inches/feet/yards)

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Math Distance Measurements (inches/feet/yards)

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Converting yards, feet, and inches

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Feet, Inches and Miles

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Feet, Inches and Miles

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Math Computation: Feet, miles, yards, cm, pints, galons, etc.

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cm=inch, meter=inch, meter=yard, kilo=mile, gram=ounce

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Math Computation: Feet, miles, yards, cm, pints, galons, etc.

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# 4 The Lantern by Tony Smith

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Math Quiz - Thursday 3/13/14

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U.S. Costumary system

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Chapter 10 Length, Measurement & Weight (Capacity)

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Leroy linear measurements

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Leroy linear measurements

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French Places ~ French Two

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Math Units

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Metric - English Equivalents

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2nd Tri: Math

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Customary Units!

By Emily-Ebbrecht
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Customary Measurement Conversions

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5th grade Measurement

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Measurement Flashcards

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Algebra I basic formulas

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Measurements customary

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