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term:fajar = to wrap

장(裝): adorn, costume; to install, to wrap, to pack

21 terms By kjkim Teacher

try to wrap it up

11 terms By bf73

envolver (to wrap)

6 terms By Avakelly15

Evo Dining additions to salads: Only grilled chicken and tofu can be added to wraps

12 terms By SylviaWho

לְסַיֵּם - to FINISH, CONCLUDE, WRAP UP (mark a point in time)

24 terms By HEBREW18 Teacher

A Three-month Program to Hunt Various Sharks in Australia

10 terms By brainrnd

Wrap-Up Spanish Terms / Need-to-Know

68 terms By Mark_Mathison

Wrapping up Exam #1

31 terms By samiam901

Presentation Wrap-Up to Sleep Disorders 11-1

21 terms By dynamike22

Chapter 6: From Disorder to Beauty and Hope — The Road to the Renaissance (A.D. 1300-1500)

53 terms By lulubelle12345

Case Wrap Up to Recurrent Infections

24 terms By ckenne12

BSS- Wrapping-up evolution and inheritance

22 terms By mroscience

Presentation Wrap-Up to Polyuria

16 terms By ckenne12

Wrap up to AUB?

12 terms By drawesome30

Red Robin To-Go Menu: Wraps and Sandwiches

4 terms By esm15

Cold Italian Subs and Wraps

7 terms By hypnotiqu3

Presentation wrap-up to Dysuria 2-21

8 terms By dynamike22

French IV Friday Wrap-up Vocab

39 terms By dovadoll

Filling and Wrapping

6 terms By crazy_shaina_123

Filling and Wrapping

5 terms By ktblue11

The wrap-up

9 terms By scafe4093

Egypt Wrap Up - people to know :)

17 terms By delaneylindsey

Presentation Wrap Up to Numbness and Tingling

8 terms By drawesome30

Filling and Wrapping Vocabulary

24 terms By jerolara

1.4 Introduction to painting wrap-up

14 terms By wolpertsam

TO Lecture 9--Odyssey Wrap-up

5 terms By universallogin1290

I'm not a barbie girl in a whole new world it's fantastic wrapped in plastic come on barbi…

15 terms By guitarhero

Officer wraps $100 bill in ticket to needy driver.

14 terms By vecttra

Filling and Wrapping Vocabulary

16 terms By Almost-Average-Gamer

Filling & Wrapping Vocabulary

10 terms By Bruning7

Egypt Wrap Up - places to know

5 terms By delaneylindsey

Red Robin To-Go Menu: Burger Sauce/Seasoning/Cheese Helper

23 terms By esm15

Basketball Wrap-Up Quiz

7 terms By bsuarezx99

This is a long set title it will wrap on to two lines

3 terms By yoyoboss

Intro to Music: Chapter 7-11 (test 3-17-14 wrap-up)

8 terms By maadymaad

À l'Hôtel

41 terms By JakeB247

German Adjective Endings

32 terms By HerrSpencer

WordMasters Challenge- Blue division

25 terms By SolitaryConfinement

Luke 2: 7-14

9 terms By Ivyheart12

Longest Term Ever

2 terms By petergriffin43


47 terms By dlcollett Teacher

Big History Thresholds

16 terms By Mrs_Roach Teacher


2 terms By yoyoyohey

Bandaging - USHJA EAP Study Guide

16 terms By tdj1999


249 terms By cwm06001

Consumer Electronics Show

18 terms By brainrnd

Chinese New Year traditions

12 terms By Lindaningchen Teacher

Experiencing the Lifespan Ch: 9 Adolescence- Cognitive and Socioemotional Development

52 terms By felicia_barbera

À l'Hôtel

51 terms By accentmalley28ang

Psych 235 Ch 5: Childhood- Physical and Cognitive Development

97 terms By felicia_barbera
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