By Geoffrey_Catania
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By Fordham_Smith
10 terms by Fordham_Smith

Frail frsct

By simontrezona
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By d8661047
11 terms by d8661047

Frail frag fract broken

By Branno398
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frail frag

By Ramses_Barranco
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By Sunflowers10
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By Walker_Bauknight
10 terms by Walker_Bauknight

frail, fract, frag = break; shatter

By sobekhrTEACHER
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Root frag, frail, & fract

By mincklerc
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List 20 - Frail, fact, frag (break; shatter)

By Courtney_Dodge3
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Frail fact frag

By Reaganally
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By Reeder669
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frail,frac, frag

By quizlette321804
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Frail, fract, frag

By laurieallison
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Word List 3: frail, fract, frag = break;shatter

By dpalermo38
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By blouie29
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Frail, Fract, & Frag

By Colleen_Adam
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Week 18 - Root word -frail, -fract, -frag = break; shatter

By sbarwick77
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By Rachel_Williams18
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frail, fract, frag = break; shatter

By Lori_ArmerTEACHER
10 terms by Lori_ArmerTEACHER

Frail fract frag

By Dickin301
10 terms by Dickin301

frail, fract, frag = break; shatter

By msnoto
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Frail, fract,frag =break; shatter

By lovett422
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By rbrown2008
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Set # 17 flex-, flect-

By MrsWrightMVES
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frail; fract; = break; shatter

By noah_is_me
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By Jenelle_Reams
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Fraction terms

By zanek23
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Greek & Latin Roots: frail, fract, frag

By klodin
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LA 5: Word List: frail, fract, frag = break; shatter

By karenbern
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Frail, fract

By Hunter834834
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Root List: frail, fract, frag

By Kellie_OuelletteTEACHER
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By Greer754
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Root of the Week: frail, fract, frag

By Steven_Sokoloff
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By Ragon_Weatherford
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fract, frag = break, shatter

By srharrison6
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G/L #18 frail, fract, frag = break; shatter

By mhawkins6
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Greek and Latin Roots - frag, fract

By carlafreel
11 terms by carlafreel

Frail, fract ,frag =break

By king7146
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Frag, Frail = Broken

By McKenna_Dorn
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frail,fract, frag

By Samantha_Brown559
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Frail, Fract, Frag word set

By Mrs_Keefer
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Word List

By Giana_Morgan
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Greek and Latin Roots: frail, frag, fract (bend, break)

By ELAinRoom207
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Latin Roots: frail

By rockyC123
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Frail,fract,frag= break;shatter

By wheele945
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Chapter 4 Vocabulary

By amber_walk
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