By marvef
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By Cecilie_Baklid
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French Clothes with Images

By kradheTEACHER
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Vejret på fransk

By christine_brink
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French Body Parts

By johndemlerTEACHER
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French vocabulary

By gluebeck01TEACHER
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French School Supplies

By ldicairanoTEACHER
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French Colors

13 terms by TEAMLoYD

French Alphabet

By janeenwilkinsTEACHER
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French 1 Les Verbes!

By kpludeTEACHER
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Winsor French III 201516 Faisons les courses!

By Laura_HouletteTEACHER
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French Clothing

By johndemlerTEACHER
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Essential French Verbs (#1-35) - Infinitive

By nbellittiTEACHER
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"5 De la tête aux pieds" - Français formidable 1

27 terms by HeldtenTEACHER

Quizlet 1: French Hair Eyes Size (English w/ images-French)

20 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

FRENCH Quelle heure est-il? - Metro 3.2

By teacherstephTEACHER
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French 101 - Adjectives

By SGraham614
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Q4 Avoir: English w/ images-French

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By misansagay
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French Passé avec photos

By jenaweltyTEACHER
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Quizlet 4: French Places in IMAGES

21 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

French : Colors

By bcilluffoTEACHER
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être et avoir

By iselou
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gloser fransk

By kaja_magnussen9
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Les couleurs

By Paul_SkalstadTEACHER
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fransk øving

By sunniva_sveia_dutton
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Franske spørreord

By Mariefalchorre
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Quizlet 1: French School Supplies w/ IMAGES

27 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

French Question Words

By dcrouse350TEACHER
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FRENCH Regular -er verbs present tense endings

By teacherstephTEACHER
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Mat spørsmål fransk

By Amelia_Gjerstad1
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French Greetings

By MadameFantastiqueTEACHER
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Quizlet 1: French Personality Adjectives w/ IMAGES

36 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

LE CORPS avec images

By jocelynecTEACHER
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Les matières scolaires

By Paul_SkalstadTEACHER
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French Greetings and Goodbyes

By kathy_abrahamTEACHER
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Quizlet 1: French Leisure & Opinions English w/ images-French

24 terms by MmeThomasTEACHER

French Numbers 1-30

By romig_kTEACHER
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Er Verbs French

By jqanddqTEACHER
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French numbers - Les chiffres en français 76-100

By ninaarTEACHER
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Franske Bindeord

By arianselo
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IB French: la Francophonie

By cathybeyersTEACHER
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French words

By emmaerii
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Tall fransk

By Amelia_Gjerstad1
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Skolefag Fransk

By Amelia_Gjerstad1
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Le corps-images

By fr2-fkchsTEACHER
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French Numbers 1 to 100 with pictures

By WinterfloodTEACHER
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French Colors

By SofieRoest
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Discovering French Blanc, Unité 1, Leçon 1B (family members and friends)

By MadameJenksTEACHER
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Fransk III 37

By olav_sandvik1
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