Deutsh Eins/ German One

By Tanya_Lopez29
18 terms by Tanya_Lopez29

Deutsh / German / Niemiecki

By kajusz2001
63 terms by kajusz2001

Deutshe Zahlen- 1-20 (German Numbers)

By BGarms
20 terms by BGarms

German driving vocab

33 terms by TalbooTEACHER

German Vocabulary

By gluebeck01TEACHER
49 terms by gluebeck01TEACHER

German months

By jeaniemcTEACHER
16 terms by jeaniemcTEACHER

100 German Verbs 1-50

By kbarne3TEACHER
50 terms by kbarne3TEACHER

German essay fillers

By Thirskschool
55 terms by Thirskschool

German school subjects

By Billy-03
11 terms by Billy-03

Start auf Deutsh

By prasadi
110 terms by prasadi


By JN15935
9 terms by JN15935

Super 9 perfekti (kpl 15-16)

By heisyyrTEACHER
19 terms by heisyyrTEACHER

Deutsh IB: Die Schule

By xxxrainbowxx
55 terms by xxxrainbowxx

German subjects

By a-edge
14 terms by a-edge

Deutsh II - Vokabeln Teil I; Lektion 17

By dont_bother
60 terms by dont_bother

Sprechtisch: Start - Verben Akkusativ oder Dativ

By quizlette848191
34 terms by quizlette848191

German Revision

By TheZeff
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By Alicia-Howe
12 terms by Alicia-Howe

German vocab

By Cayla_Provan
20 terms by Cayla_Provan

german vocab

By lewandlaxski
43 terms by lewandlaxski

DeUTSh DAirY!!!!!!⁄!!!

By chloe_frances
11 terms by chloe_frances

German vocab unit 4

By Brock_Jorgensen
20 terms by Brock_Jorgensen

German Countries/ Origins/ Languages

By krausmeg
38 terms by krausmeg

Deutsh Fur Alle 1 p214 Health- Parts of the body

By lucygilmartin
87 terms by lucygilmartin


By ellap1234
14 terms by ellap1234

Our subject - unsere fächer

By ST22367
13 terms by ST22367

German Vovab

By dsingh7201
24 terms by dsingh7201

German for student

By madrussian123
20 terms by madrussian123


By ozman10001
22 terms by ozman10001

German subjects

By wyrmling
34 terms by wyrmling

German 5B

By quizlette5173803
37 terms by quizlette5173803

German words

32 terms by SAVANNAHAS12

Kapitel 7

By Danielle_Jeffery
27 terms by Danielle_Jeffery

German 2a/10c body parts

By WitchPrince
22 terms by WitchPrince

German 2nd Semester 1st column

25 terms by ADIS_HODZIC

Deutshe Wörter Drei

By JSchultz22
50 terms by JSchultz22

German class room phases

By maria280491
10 terms by maria280491

German 1 Unit 1

By abbyleach42
67 terms by abbyleach42

German quiz

By mark_vandenburg
283 terms by mark_vandenburg

Woher Kommst du?- where do you come from German

By annieD123
14 terms by annieD123


By sydneyburres
15 terms by sydneyburres

Immigration vocab

By Emily_Maynard
12 terms by Emily_Maynard

German Kapitel 10

By greezach20
81 terms by greezach20

German Kapitel 1

By kristyqt
187 terms by kristyqt

Treaty of Versailles vocab

By asteng0
8 terms by asteng0

genial A1 E11 (fr -> dt)

By jeffboTEACHER
34 terms by jeffboTEACHER

German Words!!!!!

By freiken
35 terms by freiken

genial A1 E13 (fr -> dt)

By jeffboTEACHER
50 terms by jeffboTEACHER

genial A1 E12 (dt -> fr)

By jeffboTEACHER
25 terms by jeffboTEACHER

German Vocabulary

By Heidi_Whalen
49 terms by Heidi_Whalen