100 German Verbs 1-50

By kbarne3TEACHER
50 terms by kbarne3TEACHER

German greetings and everyday phrases

By rosgreenTEACHER
32 terms by rosgreenTEACHER

What language do you speak?

By alice-1TEACHER
20 terms by alice-1TEACHER

Adventures in Japanese 1 Ch.4-1 What Language?

By akikosenseiTEACHER
37 terms by akikosenseiTEACHER

Lesson 18: What language do you speak? Pinyin

By fshawyuTEACHER
35 terms by fshawyuTEACHER

Unit 4-1 What Language?

By fullmersensei
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4.1 - Vocabulary - Languages, to speak

By efsaundersTEACHER
26 terms by efsaundersTEACHER

German 1 - Michael in Deutschland - Scene 1.3 Conversation 2

By gamesforlanguageTEACHER
31 terms by gamesforlanguageTEACHER

4.1 - Vocabulary - Languages, to speak

By efsaundersTEACHER
25 terms by efsaundersTEACHER

Adventures in Japanese Lesson 4-1 What Language?

By samuel_williamsonTEACHER
22 terms by samuel_williamsonTEACHER

Land and languages. German 1

By Alex_Kaup
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Adventures in Japanese 1 Lesson 4 - 1 Vocab

By Chiho_CottonTEACHER
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A1 German Chapter 1 Vocabulary

By alicallaghan
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WLF German Level 1

By amyswalker
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Los Idiomas - Languages

By T_Davidson
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J1 4-1 What Language?

By Dylan_Groff
15 terms by Dylan_Groff

VCE English Language Unit 1

By OurMrsJ
105 terms by OurMrsJ

Classroom Japanese

By beattysenseiTEACHER
36 terms by beattysenseiTEACHER

take, speak, visit

By Joel_LaingTEACHER
34 terms by Joel_LaingTEACHER

Nihao 1 Lesson 8 I can speak Chinese - sentences in characters

By Booklucklaoshi2TEACHER
20 terms by Booklucklaoshi2TEACHER

Geni@l A1 - Einheit 1b

By FrauStaszcuk
26 terms by FrauStaszcuk

AIJ1 L4 Languages

By EcksteinSenseiTEACHER
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Holocaust 1 and Propaganda Combined

By BMHSsocialstudiesTEACHER
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By spaintutorTEACHER
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L06 - Kurssprache (Course language)

By Connie_Kolb
71 terms by Connie_Kolb

Unit 3

By nickesonm
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Education&learning Voc.1

By renata1212
24 terms by renata1212

German: Commands & Useful expressions (Nützliche Ausdrücke)

By Frau_DeVriesTEACHER
25 terms by Frau_DeVriesTEACHER

The Great Gatsby - plot and themes

By Mary_Angelo-Moi
19 terms by Mary_Angelo-Moi

Ellijay: 6th Grade Social Studies CRCT Study Guide 2014" and 1 other

By cholton68
273 terms by cholton68

Chapter 14 forging the National Economy

By mrchiconeTEACHER
79 terms by mrchiconeTEACHER

AP German Conversation Vocab

By FrauJacksonTEACHER
159 terms by FrauJacksonTEACHER

Life in the UK Study Guide (2016)

By bluegenebluegene
976 terms by bluegenebluegene

Combo with "WHI.10 Early Middle Ages Quizlet LIve" and 1 other

By karendcross1TEACHER
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History 7 (Chapters 1-9)

By stricfamTEACHER
73 terms by stricfamTEACHER

Country/Language Test Speaking Questions

By flin00
15 terms by flin00

Life in the UK, 3rd edition (2013)

By Golam_Mazumder
976 terms by Golam_Mazumder

B05 Unit 1 Lesson A

By jgiwasaki
10 terms by jgiwasaki

A1 E1

By frauclemens
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Nihao 1 L8 I can speak Chinese - sentences in pinyin and characters

By Booklucklaoshi2TEACHER
20 terms by Booklucklaoshi2TEACHER

Swiss German, Hoi, Understanding the language

By carincellTEACHER
26 terms by carincellTEACHER

2015_10_5 Seminarium 1

By dominikam
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By notmahname
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Chapter 29 Wilsonian Progressivism at Home and Abroad, 1912-1916

By mrchiconeTEACHER
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German Phrases

By pgmeeks
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Language Development Key Terms (Otto, Ch. 1-3)

By aldrager
72 terms by aldrager