By sarahculb
15 terms by sarahculb

Grammar - Ik, jij, hij, zij(1), het, wij, jullie, zij

By MisssMarelTEACHER
8 terms by MisssMarelTEACHER

Grammar - Rangtelwoorden 1 - 13

By MisssMarelTEACHER
13 terms by MisssMarelTEACHER

Grammar - I am

By MisssMarelTEACHER
8 terms by MisssMarelTEACHER

Grammar terms

By JanelleGroehler
12 terms by JanelleGroehler

SPS Amici Grammatica Essere & Avere

By acoutcher
16 terms by acoutcher

Dutch Grammar 1: Lidwoorden

By rdmuessle
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By fgiaccar
10 terms by fgiaccar

Grammatica 1

By jkautzky14
10 terms by jkautzky14

grammar 1.1 myself, yourself

By kca2003
8 terms by kca2003

VI3 French grammar: Subjunctive

By syruso
44 terms by syruso

Noun 3

By fdeng525
9 terms by fdeng525

Nederlands Grammatica 4 Woordsoorten

By Laserbean
13 terms by Laserbean

Pedro and Chris 8.27.16

By blindmouse1028TEACHER
10 terms by blindmouse1028TEACHER


By Brody_Janzen
30 terms by Brody_Janzen

It_Sto+Gerundio: Present Continuous

By elcschool
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By Brody_Janzen
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Unit 1: Grammar

By Maartennoe
15 terms by Maartennoe

24.6.: Grammatica

By quizlette8988863
73 terms by quizlette8988863

SPS Amici Grammatica Verbi regolari

By Angellica77
64 terms by Angellica77

Nederlands grammatica

By lautjuh
28 terms by lautjuh

Common nouns

16 terms by GHYBJ

U9 French Grammar - Present Participles

By aboschTEACHER
55 terms by aboschTEACHER

unus words

By burns922
12 terms by burns922

De- Woorden

By David_Wongso
12 terms by David_Wongso

Introduction to Dutch - week 2 - grammar (question words)

By Intro_DutchTEACHER
9 terms by Intro_DutchTEACHER

dc woordjes H3 10

By snipersterker
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By quizlette340092
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grammar Italian

By rock565656
40 terms by rock565656

School subjects (Ita-Eng)

By schoolyards
15 terms by schoolyards

Wheelock Ch 19 Grammatica

By shirods1
22 terms by shirods1

Contact! 11B 1,2,3 Wat vind je van Nederlanders? Nederlands-Engels

By Sander_BraunTEACHER
75 terms by Sander_BraunTEACHER

U7 French Grammar - Adjectives to Adverbs

By aboschTEACHER
30 terms by aboschTEACHER

Lingua Latīna Capitulum 1

By desertprinceTEACHER
1,516 terms by desertprinceTEACHER


By Mina_Ragy
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Unit 1: Grammar

By sarah_dekock
15 terms by sarah_dekock

Unit 1: Grammar

By Andreas007
15 terms by Andreas007

Lingua Latīna Capitulum 2

By desertprinceTEACHER
2,000 terms by desertprinceTEACHER

Wheelock Ch 20 Latin Grammatica

By shirods1
8 terms by shirods1

Advanced Grammar

By Anna_Deutschman
17 terms by Anna_Deutschman

Unit 3 Culture - Words

By emryshuntingtonTEACHER
9 terms by emryshuntingtonTEACHER

Dutch Bart Grammar 01

By tezzzer
16 terms by tezzzer

Disciplina I -- Vocabulary in a Disciplina

By ScholaLatinaTEACHER
12 terms by ScholaLatinaTEACHER

Dutch grammer related words

By ashwini_sidhanti
12 terms by ashwini_sidhanti

It_Presente Indicativo: Simple Present

By elcschool
63 terms by elcschool

GRAM - A0: Waarom? Om ... te+infinitief

15 terms by Eva_NamurTEACHER

Lingua Latina Cap I - V (Lat-Eng)

By MagisterOates
185 terms by MagisterOates