TOEFL Vocab Topics: History 역사학

By Lunanunaji
40 terms by Lunanunaji

history finals = part one 💖

By georgianapieroni
30 terms by georgianapieroni

history finals = part two 🔥

By georgianapieroni
13 terms by georgianapieroni

US History Essays (Constanzo) (✔️ = for sure)

By kaliisaaa
12 terms by kaliisaaa

Čeština - autoři a díla = historie

By quizlette4389213
18 terms by quizlette4389213

Čeština - autoři a díla = ČR historie

By quizlette4389213
12 terms by quizlette4389213

Les matières = Subjects

By gguerrin
15 terms by gguerrin

China 中国 Zhongguo = The Middle Kingdom

By Robert_Jordan8
51 terms by Robert_Jordan8

W-01.3 Schule und Universität = School and University (S. 67)

By Pichugin
36 terms by Pichugin

Important History Vocabulary

By lillianbingTEACHER
13 terms by lillianbingTEACHER

les matières scolaires = school subjects

23 terms by Mr-RemyTEACHER


78 terms by GLTS

US History Unit 2: The Constitution

By catherine_lamb
43 terms by catherine_lamb

World History II SOL REVIEW!!!!

By christine_ricks
217 terms by christine_ricks

US History: Chapter 9- The Federalist Era

By Mrcasti71
15 terms by Mrcasti71


By LEO7622050
25 terms by LEO7622050

Periods of history

By margit5677
32 terms by margit5677

US History 1

By creichmuth
22 terms by creichmuth

This is vocabulary(초급)_Unit33:World 세계

By WordSN
25 terms by WordSN

World History Final Exam: People

By hohame
30 terms by hohame

Personal History

42 terms by IECstudyTEACHER

World History II Sol Review

By castelos
167 terms by castelos

U.S. History - The Great Depression

By sarashaffer4
24 terms by sarashaffer4

Day 17~18

By amyyoonnn
40 terms by amyyoonnn

US History 2

By creichmuth
22 terms by creichmuth

US History

By quizprep8
44 terms by quizprep8

History Vocabulary

By NewCollegeManchesterTEACHER
8 terms by NewCollegeManchesterTEACHER


By Arianne_Muskens7
10 terms by Arianne_Muskens7

European History Review

By MsEnglert
44 terms by MsEnglert

U.S. History-Reform Vocabulary

By prettypanda
10 terms by prettypanda

What is History?

By Jennifer_Malinchak
19 terms by Jennifer_Malinchak

Personal History

By quizlette709510TEACHER
42 terms by quizlette709510TEACHER

AP Art History - Egypt

By Lyndsey_Sadler
55 terms by Lyndsey_Sadler

Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment - World History

By chris_fickleyTEACHER
17 terms by chris_fickleyTEACHER

Life History

75 terms by IECstudyTEACHER

APWH MesoAmerica, Exploration, 15th Century

By adamadamsTEACHER
129 terms by adamadamsTEACHER

Preston: European History

By EDChild
22 terms by EDChild

US History

By atcameronTEACHER
44 terms by atcameronTEACHER

Deaf/ASL History

By Buffy_Hummel1
17 terms by Buffy_Hummel1

Personal History Vocabulary - EXTRA

42 terms by ccsrTEACHER


By mrchiconeTEACHER
115 terms by mrchiconeTEACHER

History of Astronomy

By Justin_Kulick
23 terms by Justin_Kulick

US History

By marshimellow
44 terms by marshimellow

U.S. Ch. 7 Immigrants and Urbanization

By splindseyTEACHER
33 terms by splindseyTEACHER

Year 7 History Words

By palmer_christine
27 terms by palmer_christine

Common units of measurement

By backerly45TEACHER
14 terms by backerly45TEACHER

Chemistry History

By jhubbs0705
41 terms by jhubbs0705

wh1 all religions 2014 mac

By jmacmichael2TEACHER
10 terms by jmacmichael2TEACHER

H U.S. History Midterm

By cayerchemTEACHER
133 terms by cayerchemTEACHER