TOEFL Vocab Topics: History 역사학

By Lunanunaji
40 terms by Lunanunaji

history finals = part one 💖

By georgianapieroni
30 terms by georgianapieroni

history finals = part two 🔥

By georgianapieroni
13 terms by georgianapieroni

US History Essays (Constanzo) (✔️ = for sure)

By kaliisaaa
12 terms by kaliisaaa

Čeština - autoři a díla = historie

By quizlette4389213
18 terms by quizlette4389213

Čeština - autoři a díla = ČR historie

By quizlette4389213
12 terms by quizlette4389213

Les matières = Subjects

By gguerrin
15 terms by gguerrin

China 中国 Zhongguo = The Middle Kingdom

By Robert_Jordan8
51 terms by Robert_Jordan8

W-01.3 Schule und Universität = School and University (S. 67)

By Pichugin
36 terms by Pichugin

Important History Vocabulary

By lillianbingTEACHER
13 terms by lillianbingTEACHER

les matières scolaires = school subjects

23 terms by Mr-RemyTEACHER


78 terms by GLTS

US History Unit 2: The Constitution

By catherine_lamb
43 terms by catherine_lamb

Periods of history

By margit5677
32 terms by margit5677

US History 1

By creichmuth
22 terms by creichmuth

World History II SOL REVIEW!!!!

By christine_ricks
217 terms by christine_ricks

US History: Chapter 9- The Federalist Era

By Mrcasti71
15 terms by Mrcasti71


By LEO7622050
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This is vocabulary(초급)_Unit33:World 세계

By WordSN
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World History Final Exam: People

By hohame
30 terms by hohame

Personal History

42 terms by IECstudyTEACHER

World History II Sol Review

By castelos
167 terms by castelos

U.S. History - The Great Depression

By sarashaffer4
24 terms by sarashaffer4

Day 17~18

By amyyoonnn
40 terms by amyyoonnn

US History

By quizprep8
44 terms by quizprep8

History Vocabulary

By NewCollegeManchesterTEACHER
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By Arianne_Muskens7
10 terms by Arianne_Muskens7

World History

By brooke_danford
39 terms by brooke_danford

European History Review

By MsEnglert
44 terms by MsEnglert

U.S. History-Reform Vocabulary

By prettypanda
10 terms by prettypanda

What is History?

By Jennifer_Malinchak
19 terms by Jennifer_Malinchak

Personal History

By quizlette709510TEACHER
42 terms by quizlette709510TEACHER

US History SC Standard 1

By Leslie_Martin2
49 terms by Leslie_Martin2

Scientific Revolution & Enlightenment - World History

By chris_fickleyTEACHER
17 terms by chris_fickleyTEACHER

AP Art History - Egypt

By Lyndsey_Sadler
55 terms by Lyndsey_Sadler

Preston: European History

By EDChild
22 terms by EDChild

US History - Key Amendments

By StBanks
13 terms by StBanks

US History

By atcameronTEACHER
44 terms by atcameronTEACHER

APWH MesoAmerica, Exploration, 15th Century

By adamadamsTEACHER
129 terms by adamadamsTEACHER

Life History

75 terms by IECstudyTEACHER

History of Astronomy

By Justin_Kulick
23 terms by Justin_Kulick

Personal History Vocabulary - EXTRA

42 terms by ccsrTEACHER

Deaf/ASL History

By Buffy_Hummel1
17 terms by Buffy_Hummel1


By mrchiconeTEACHER
115 terms by mrchiconeTEACHER

U.S. Ch. 7 Immigrants and Urbanization

By splindseyTEACHER
33 terms by splindseyTEACHER

Common units of measurement

By backerly45TEACHER
14 terms by backerly45TEACHER

Chemistry History

By jhubbs0705
41 terms by jhubbs0705

US History

By marshimellow
44 terms by marshimellow

Year 7 History Words

By palmer_christine
27 terms by palmer_christine

wh1 all religions 2014 mac

By jmacmichael2TEACHER
10 terms by jmacmichael2TEACHER