4. Free time and hobbies

By MarketaSyllova
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Free time and hobbies K-L-M-N-O

By BenyheKisBeata
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Free time

By Teresa_Frada
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Hobbies and Free time activities

By Maigrotjo
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hobbies, interests, free time activities - VERBS

By themachinegoesonTEACHER
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UNIT 1 - FREE TIME (Hobbies and interests, school subjects)

42 terms by VCORDIER

Free time activities

By patypiquia
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By Miss-Sediri
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Free Time activities in chinese

By ruby_halter
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By wagunia
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Hobbies September 2016

By quizlette594272TEACHER
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Free time activities

By Silvana_Yunes
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Free time activities

By BritannicaTEACHER
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Unit 2: Free time activities

By lamthuong85
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Hobbies (1c)

By victoria_elt
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Free time activities

By teachermariafer
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Herr Justice's Hobbies and Free time German Vocabulary

By herrjusticeTEACHER
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Madame Force Hobbies in French

By forceb
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Free-Time Activities (Hobbies)

By TeacherWhitney
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By Zachary_BartleyTEACHER
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Free time activities, 4B

By sandra_burokaite
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Free Time Activities

20 terms by MacDonaldMATEACHER

Free time

By aniwi
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Free time

By quizlette713215
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By Anna-Liina
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Free time activities

By maria_araxi
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Free time activities

By vertigo1004
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By alguinTEACHER
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Free Time Activities

16 terms by RTJohnson16TEACHER

Free-time activities and sports

By elisabetta_layet
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Logo 4 chapter 3 hobbies and free time

By FrauRiedel
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By vcarrenoTEACHER
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hobbies and free time activities

By UshakovaJ
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Verbs - Vocabulary - Free time Activities

By Tracy_CosgriffTEACHER
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G7- 3C- time out

By jam4freezTEACHER
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Unit 2-1: In My Free Time

By jcaden1
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Free time

By mattdoughty
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Go Beyond2 U2 Free time activities

By Niki_KellensTEACHER
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free time activities

By ivanoew
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Elementary 2c - Free time activities

By BenyheKisBeata
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Free time and the media 2

By FortismereFrenchTEACHER
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Vocabulaire d'anglais Free time - to run

By Julie_Suter
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Eng 3 Unit 15 Free Time

By rogersdi
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free time

By MariAl88
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free time avtivities

By Huong_Tran27
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Passtimes and hobbies

By Argane
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free time activity

By kaw515
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Free time activity

By tristan869
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