Analysis of Movement

By sophie__butler
14 terms by sophie__butler

Planes and Axes

By james_wurzbach
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OTD 510_Week 1: OT Concepts, Human movement; Planes, Axes

By Jasmine_Dudley12
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language 2

By bryant_baker
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Kinesiology: Planes & Axes

By jessgentile
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Anatomy Lecture One Terms

By awalter32
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Kinesiology 1

By erica_seal
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Neurology Terms

By Meghan_Moline
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By alouharrington1
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Anatomy Terminology

By llauterbach
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PE-2400-004 Human Physiology & Anatomy I: Unit 1

By mcave345
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4090 chapter 1

By AllysonM95
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Pilates Anatomy and Kinesiology Terminology

By wilsonak
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Anatomy topic 2

By ab_elizabeth
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Anatomical Terminology

By Danielle_Ashby
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Movement Terminology

By kylieshepherd8
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PSY 230: Chapter 5 (Graphs)

By dborman-mccTEACHER
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Human movement

By madisonmorgan1
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Pilates Anatomy and Kinesiology Terminology

By AngieQutie
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Kinesiology terms (principles and terminology)

By rachel_khoo
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By Robert_Korzeniewski5
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Ch. 1, 2, 3

By Kebra_Rogers7
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anatomy and kinesiology

By radsophie
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Week 13 Vocabulary

By qveen_1
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Lab 1 Foundations of Physical Therapy

By mjeaton18
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human anatomy exam 1

By mackenziemayo2
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PTH 151 unit 1 lecture

By jlh26321
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By bananapiek
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Body Planes and Orientation

By EmilyCopple
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KIN 3304 Lecture 3: Movement

By mikkitorres
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med/ortho tems

By HairyVisionary
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NW Gross Anatomy Terms of Movement

By zackstach
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Chapter 5: Human Movement Science

By Jdfoster15
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Anatomy (Introduction)

By Lmansing
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HESM 478

By carlyreiman
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36 terms by DWHS-wbradleyTEACHER

Week 13 spreadsheet termanolgy

By IgnacioTuason
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week 13 spreadsheet terminalogy

By ItsAilani
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Anatomical Position, Directional Terms, Body Planes and Sections

By sinemnaylor
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OMM written

By TJ_Tolman
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chapter 4 anatomic position and terms of reference

By mhartmanmattson
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Med Term Ch. 4 Anatomic Position and Terms of Reference

By Shannon_Kelly35
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Human anatomy and physiology

By Terriana_Watson
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By LindsTaverner
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Biomechanics 1

By lizzie_noble1
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week 13 vocabulary

By Queem700
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KIN 158 Exam 2 (ch. 1-4)

By toybox2012
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Basic Elements of Anatomy 1

By Katelyn_Jeleniewicz
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Musculoskeletal System: Anatomical Positions

By jordan_malcom
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Week 13 Vocabulary

By Bosniangargamel
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