English Terms Set One

By Heather_Martin3
10 terms by Heather_Martin3

1 B Oxford Word Skills (Adv.)

By meruj
11 terms by meruj

ACTIVE 4 Unit 1 Vocabulary

By k-jambor
22 terms by k-jambor

Vocab Set #7

By fake_chanel400
12 terms by fake_chanel400

Literary Devices and Techniques

By lamcdaniel07
12 terms by lamcdaniel07

LC - Advanced Literary Terms

By Hinglk
21 terms by Hinglk

1. I can talk about meaning and style

By coo1man
20 terms by coo1man

Irony 3

By kitsmaybin
10 terms by kitsmaybin

Advanced English Terms Set Three

By Heather_Martin3
30 terms by Heather_Martin3

Advanced Literary Terms

By ashey_t
21 terms by ashey_t

Literary Devices/ Figurative Language

By mslafieldsTEACHER
52 terms by mslafieldsTEACHER

LC - Advanced Literary Terms

By jleighgb
21 terms by jleighgb

Humor/Irony/Sarcastic Tone Words

By stef_brodie_bowen
12 terms by stef_brodie_bowen

Advanced English 10 Literary Terms

By happyjy9805
56 terms by happyjy9805

New Lit Terms

By cvideler21
16 terms by cvideler21

Irony 3

By marienescamilla
10 terms by marienescamilla

Literary devices

By averyhoskins
32 terms by averyhoskins

catcher in the rye (chapter 1-12)

By rp49469
16 terms by rp49469

English 9 Adv. Literary Terms

By egsidoti
55 terms by egsidoti

Humor/Sarcasm (Satire) VOCABULARY

By Dperez1151
10 terms by Dperez1151

Advanced Literary Terms

By KatieRichardson45
21 terms by KatieRichardson45

Advanced Literary Terms

By The_Emmy_R
21 terms by The_Emmy_R

Rhetorical and Literary Devices #4

By J_Cole98
17 terms by J_Cole98


By okrainskyr16
25 terms by okrainskyr16


By Cherokee_Bolden8
40 terms by Cherokee_Bolden8

advanced vocabulary #2 roots/suff.

By Jackson_JolleyLittle
20 terms by Jackson_JolleyLittle

AP Language - Final Exam Vocabulary

By sophie23smith
22 terms by sophie23smith

The Crucible Act 2 Close Reading Vocabulary

By swillia8591
24 terms by swillia8591

AP Lang Vocabulary

By erinnmiller1205
24 terms by erinnmiller1205


By Marc_Molin
20 terms by Marc_Molin

Advanced Stylistic Devices (College Level)

By obtompkins
35 terms by obtompkins

vcb #13

By Laureneh01
14 terms by Laureneh01

Advanced Literary Terms- English

By ah34340
22 terms by ah34340

Humor, Irony, Sarcasm Tone Words

By ksagritalo
29 terms by ksagritalo

Summer VSW Advanced Literary Terms

By srinivela
22 terms by srinivela

Magoosh - Advanced Words VII

By erikajensen5295
50 terms by erikajensen5295


By hannahroselerner
20 terms by hannahroselerner


By korinnebaumhauer
18 terms by korinnebaumhauer

Loe's humor, sarcasm, and irony tone words

24 terms by kloeTEACHER


By anishka2001
18 terms by anishka2001

English Vocab

By liv_ekh7
15 terms by liv_ekh7

AP English Language Satire

By Brianna_Marquez2
37 terms by Brianna_Marquez2

Chapter 12 vocab

By jujube1
10 terms by jujube1

Vocabulary: Advance Cubs: 5/9-5/13

By MamaNikki5TEACHER
20 terms by MamaNikki5TEACHER

Humorous Vocabulary

By Logan_Miller57
20 terms by Logan_Miller57

pride and preg

By stiller1
16 terms by stiller1

ch 5-8

By rnayeli62
15 terms by rnayeli62

Poetics of comedy

By nikolaphillips
24 terms by nikolaphillips

Tone vocab words - Honors English 10

By livelovedance7
20 terms by livelovedance7

words indicating the author's attitude set 2

By sportsdesi
20 terms by sportsdesi