Adjectives - 3ème

By meyniel
13 terms by meyniel

De l'adjectif numéro 281 à l'adjectif numéro 290

By imagiers
10 terms by imagiers

De l'adverbe numéro 281 à l'adverbe numéro 290

By imagiers
10 terms by imagiers

Activité 4 p. 392

By emmersm1
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Masculine adjective

By anetteisobe
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By MissOR
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North by Northwest trailer

By j-finel
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Vocabulary from May 19th

By misty_mcanallyTEACHER
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AQA A level French vocab (12) - un auteur francophone

By rubysmoke
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war effort

By Sandra_Garcia1
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Adjectives qui décrive t le caractère

By Embo42
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Imaginez Chp 7: Le court métrage Dépendance

By greenrogersTEACHER
21 terms by greenrogersTEACHER

More Adjectives! (not required to memorize)

By mllewolffeTEACHER
31 terms by mllewolffeTEACHER

English : vocs part2

By inko_zola
20 terms by inko_zola

Le cinéma français

132 terms by MmeQueenTEACHER

Analyser une photo

By soazig
43 terms by soazig


By MCGuerry
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war effort

By baomatx
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By wanda_schildknecht
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course 7 Graffiti

By raolan77
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By bethany_dsilva
25 terms by bethany_dsilva

How to describe a text (adj)

By SherLuc
17 terms by SherLuc

La Boulangère de Monceau Vocabulaire

By priaw
24 terms by priaw

subjunctive words

By quizlette74636
24 terms by quizlette74636

French Essay Vocab

By IzzyKnight
23 terms by IzzyKnight

French Vocab 45

By glyons5
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Adverbs - French

By Skinjr
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Irregular Adjectives

By jpeeples16
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Irregular adjectives

By evelynnmoz
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C'est vocab

By haleykoester
15 terms by haleykoester

Imaginez Chp 7: Le court métrage Dépendance

By lisahelmsTEACHER
21 terms by lisahelmsTEACHER

Description image 2

By PMariuzzo
21 terms by PMariuzzo

Anglais adj 1

By clairegiraud
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Dépendance Vocab

By MmeLeighThomas
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By Daisy_8
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Adjectifs 2

By sstamatakos
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By mackenziepeebles
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Chap 7-Court métrage p.238

By sydneysabbato
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Les Miserables chapter 6 Vocabulaire

By mikeportanova
31 terms by mikeportanova

French Technology Dependent

By graidenberger
15 terms by graidenberger

01FR55116 French Adjectives

By TheVolatileOne
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Vocabulaire 1

By Clem52130
19 terms by Clem52130

Court métrage (2)

By hpchase56
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Vocab: court métrage et utile

By vipowell
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Les pièces

By lctd
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By eduardoco
157 terms by eduardoco