VIII Lex, Legis - Law

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ita vero > lex, legis [f]

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Latijn naamvallen 3e decl. Alleen lex, legis

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Greek and Latin Prefixes (legis (lex) - ped)

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Nouns from the third declension like lex, legis

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3rd declension Latin nouns like Lex, Legis

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Third Declension Nouns (masculine and feminine like lex and legis)

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MODG - Henle Latin- 3rd Declension Nouns Like Lex, Legis

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MODG - Henle Latin- 3rd Declension Nouns Like Lex, Legis

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Con Law>powers>fed legis power

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Lex Julia marriage laws

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LEX Intro to law chap 1

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Lex - law - 3rd Decl - Mas

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The Endings of the 3rd Declension Feminine Nouns/Lex, (the Law).

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LEX-110 Chapter 17: Family Law & Estates

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LEX- 110 Chapter 5 (Sources of American Law) Study Guide Exam- Notes

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Third Declension of Lēx

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Latin 3rd Declension Endings Lēx

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name that case 3rd decl.

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3rd Declension Nouns like lex

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practice 3rd declension

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Lex declension

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First form Latin lesson 22

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First Form Latin Lesson 22

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Latin lesson 22

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law case

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Third Declension (LEX) Nouns

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Lesson XX

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LGR 3 Roots Unit 11

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Roman Laws

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Latin 20

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Latin: 3. Konjugation Konsonantstammer (Lex)

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Latin - Lesson 16

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Third dec lex

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Lesson 16 Vocabulary

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3rd Declension

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Latin page 26

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4A 4 vocabulary

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Latin Vocab 5.2

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fem lat

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