Linear Perspective

By Karen_SilvermanTEACHER
24 terms by Karen_SilvermanTEACHER

Linear Perspective

By Middleschoolart
17 terms by Middleschoolart

Linear Perspective Vocabulary (One Point)

By ngmsart
14 terms by ngmsart


By sissym66
14 terms by sissym66

Linear Perspective

By Ruth_NielsenTEACHER
17 terms by Ruth_NielsenTEACHER

Linear Perspective

By plastictwinkles
24 terms by plastictwinkles

Linear (1 & 2 point) Perspective

By Angela_Crosby6TEACHER
16 terms by Angela_Crosby6TEACHER

Art I Perspective

By amberpitre
14 terms by amberpitre


By brittlez
10 terms by brittlez

Art vocabulary

By morgancox7
11 terms by morgancox7

Art Appreciation

10 terms by tkdmsTEACHER

Art Perspective Study Guide

By Amyvandercook
14 terms by Amyvandercook

Perspective Terms

By boehmerabbottk
9 terms by boehmerabbottk

Perspective Vocabulary

By maddiechen29
17 terms by maddiechen29

Perspective and Transformation

By katherine_o9TEACHER
12 terms by katherine_o9TEACHER

Perspective Terms

By Rachel_Herrera9
8 terms by Rachel_Herrera9


By kkucia
14 terms by kkucia

Linear (1 & 2 point) Perspective

By ryspeaker
16 terms by ryspeaker

7th grade Perspective Drawing

By HowardB19
12 terms by HowardB19

Perspective Terms for Art

By Kylie_Glinsky
8 terms by Kylie_Glinsky

Perspective Drawing*

By mermaydquiz
17 terms by mermaydquiz

ART140- Lecture 5

By summerfreeman14
9 terms by summerfreeman14


By michael_turcotte
15 terms by michael_turcotte

Perspective Vocabulary

By User205John
26 terms by User205John


By JRGuttman19
19 terms by JRGuttman19

Part Seven: Basics of Linear Perspective

By haleymurray__
21 terms by haleymurray__

Linear Perspective Quiz (Art)

By CGG20
10 terms by CGG20

space vocab

By Julie_Davis6
13 terms by Julie_Davis6


By Katherine_Thompson66
8 terms by Katherine_Thompson66

linear perspective

By sarahhkesslerr
11 terms by sarahhkesslerr

Linear Perspective Vocabulary

By Oct_14th
25 terms by Oct_14th

Drawing Class Vocab Set 2--part 2 (terms 13-22)

By elanabrownfieldTEACHER
10 terms by elanabrownfieldTEACHER


By Trayhil
14 terms by Trayhil

Linear perspective vocab words

By cmbrjs
9 terms by cmbrjs

Art vocab

By mbeaulieu189
10 terms by mbeaulieu189

Art test

By jarseneaux
13 terms by jarseneaux

Linear Perspective #7a

By LverchereauTEACHER
11 terms by LverchereauTEACHER

Perspective Notes

By irvinenan
10 terms by irvinenan

Linear Perspective

By erenne1
11 terms by erenne1

Depth Perception Cues

By blevinsaubriem
9 terms by blevinsaubriem

Linear perspective quiz-Art

By Nicole_Bires
11 terms by Nicole_Bires

Line and Space Unit - VAI / 2D

By mikelasseter
10 terms by mikelasseter

One-Point Perspective Drawings

By MC_Sims
8 terms by MC_Sims

Perspective Drawing Vocabulary

By Gupin
14 terms by Gupin

Perspective Drawing Vocabulary

By Cindyspain
14 terms by Cindyspain

Art: Perspective

By elenorabullock
14 terms by elenorabullock

Perspective Terms

By samantharingel
8 terms by samantharingel

Linear Perspective

By Tiffany_Nguyen48
22 terms by Tiffany_Nguyen48

Art I-perspective terms

By mudwrenTEACHER
11 terms by mudwrenTEACHER

Drawing Linear Perspective

By Peony_Lee
11 terms by Peony_Lee