Speed Sound Disorder Terminology

By nwager
93 terms by nwager

Phonology (concepts)

By Bruno_Horta
22 terms by Bruno_Horta

Spaa 101 Chapter 5

By audio_doc
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CSD 514 Exam 1

By caitlin_roush
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Sound Techniques

By Annalisej23
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Linguistics 101

By august_kahn
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Phonology Articulators

By sherifakl60
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Phonetics Exam 2

By taylor_koolstra9
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Module 2 Lectures

By shauna_L_mason
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DELTA phonology articulators etc

By Ruth_Heyns
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Ling Chapter 2

By lwandro
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By TessMarleyJ
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Introduction to Linguistics - Chapter 3 - Vcabulary Terms

By thesara_carter
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american english consonants

By Sarah_Haslett
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Exam 2 => PS

By kelsey_regan_cohoon
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Key Terms 2

By Serenihan
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linguistics exam one

By kcokes
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chapter 3 vocab

By henryswoggle
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USU COMD 3500 Module 2 Lectures

By edion20
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CDI 325

By hadcock94
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Phonology 1

By Andrew_McNaught
21 terms by Andrew_McNaught

DELTA Module 1 - Phonology and speech

By colwellt
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Phonetics Unit 5: Consonants

By Angela_Viscuso
30 terms by Angela_Viscuso

Chapter 5

By Rebecca_Smith786
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ESL Praxis

91 terms by MissPDMS

Linguistics Ch. 3

By jamie_barber2
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By gretchendiehl07
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Ch11: Manner of Articulation

By californiarose
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Com Dis 210 Exam 2

By derrekh
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PHO 3.1, 3.2, 3.3

By mslatoyak
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By laura_geraci
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Chapter 3 acoustics

By mcarter2014
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By Sarah_Workun
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Phonetics Test 1

By janzen_viator
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By jjenees
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Aspects of Speech Pathology

By Amanda_Warner6
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LHS Speech Chapter 3: Using Your Voice

By rcorkran
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Speech and Hearing Science final

By audry_bennett
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Phonetics and Phonology Transcription

By mayazada
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Chapter 5: Liquids

By Khm611
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By sqwilliams
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Articulation and Phonology in Speech Sound Disorders Chapter 2

By Crystal_Bluto
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Phonology Vocab

By ljaniec16
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By jporshea
21 terms by jporshea

Phonetics and Phonemics

By KeLin94
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CSD 311 Exam 2

By Catherine_Lanza
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Phonetics : Consonant Phonemes of English

By AlunaLo
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Phonetics Test 2

By grace_wall
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English 4610 Lesson 2

By Savannah_Bruce
37 terms by Savannah_Bruce