Phonetics - neupraveno!!!

93 terms by SonickaTEACHER

Combo with "phonetics and consonant sounds--" and 3 others

By Carol_Aulbach
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Spaa 101 Chapter 5

By audio_doc
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DipTESOL Unit 1

By miikegreen
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Phonetics and Introduction

By tkoch22
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Linguistics 101

By august_kahn
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DELTA Module 1 - Phonology and speech

By colwellt
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Phonology Articulators

By sherifakl60
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Sound Techniques

By Annalisej23
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CSD 316 Exam #3

By mlandau
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By toreyc10
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Chapter 2: Articulation & Phonological Disorders

By mich_gen
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Ling Chapter 2

By lwandro
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DELTA phonology articulators etc

By Ruth_Heyns
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Phonetics- Consonants

By Allison_Mott7
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Exam 2 => PS

By kelsey_regan_cohoon
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Chapter 5 Consonants quiz

By Ashley_Christensen3
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LING 330

By jackkbrown
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Module 2 Lectures

By shauna_L_mason
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Key Terms 2

By Serenihan
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CDDS 105

By diana_camposXO
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Phonetics-Lecture 3 (Consonants)

By allie_savich
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Linguistic Theory Vocabulary 1-4

By Christy_Conaway4
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Language Files 11th Edition Ch. 2 Vocab

By nataliesmile12
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USU COMD 3500 Module 2 Lectures

By Beth_Grodzin
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Phonetics - English sounds

By Victoria_Aimar
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Intro and Consonants

By Megan_Schmelzle
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Phonetics Exam 2

By rilee_miller
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Speech to Print

By annjharringtonTEACHER
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Ch.3 Manners of Articulation

By Speechteach94
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COMD 5070 chapter 3

By chealsy07
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By Marina_Goddard
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Lexical Acquisition L1 English

By Annmarie_HandleyTEACHER
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The English Language: A Linguistic History Ch 2

By RabonPenn
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By jennifer_w_eaton
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Speech Science

By quizlette628018
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By Dalia_Esquivel
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Phonetics Exam 2

By taylor_koolstra9
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Chap. 5: Phonetics - The Sounds of Language

By spstlcTEACHER
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chapter 3 vocab

By henryswoggle
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Phonetics Unit 5: Consonants

By Angela_Viscuso
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August 28th lecture

By ekiser
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Ch. 3 Terms

By kastratoti21TEACHER
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German Linguistics (Key Terms)

By stephdale13
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SPAA 101 Ch. 4-5

By emilyannebryan
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SPAA 101 (4,5)

By janna_starlin
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SPAA 101 (4,5)

By shelbyzann
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Ch11: Manner of Articulation

By californiarose
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By jessica_cochran2
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