Poetry, Drama and Prose

12 terms by KimCostaTEACHER

Nonfiction Prose - 4.1 - Reading

By hckharmon
9 terms by hckharmon

12 Lit - Vocabulary #17

By Davina_McDanielTEACHER
10 terms by Davina_McDanielTEACHER

Fables vocabulary

By kwilliamsonLES
9 terms by kwilliamsonLES

LA 7 prose and poetry Terms

By Mrs_judy_Larson_8
10 terms by Mrs_judy_Larson_8

Genres of literature

By tmnorton
22 terms by tmnorton

The Giant List of Terms for AP English Literature

By ms_burnettTEACHER
213 terms by ms_burnettTEACHER

Genres of literature

By karen_mc
22 terms by karen_mc

Prose Terms

By brimur
52 terms by brimur

ENL: Types of literature

By undauntedell
16 terms by undauntedell

AP Literature Terms (with images)

By jennifer_gish_guffin
30 terms by jennifer_gish_guffin

NLL2 u10 (10.4)

By pdaksu
10 terms by pdaksu


By CarynwilliamsonTEACHER
18 terms by CarynwilliamsonTEACHER

Types of Writing (Prose Literature)

By mkoener
16 terms by mkoener

Elements of Literature-11th

By Mr_LGomez
20 terms by Mr_LGomez

LA 600 - Spelling lesson 3

By ChristenDAT
18 terms by ChristenDAT

Prose Analysis

By Sierramrains
8 terms by Sierramrains


By Leon_Stoever
10 terms by Leon_Stoever


By quizlette84849
12 terms by quizlette84849

Elements of literature

By annakmor
12 terms by annakmor

AP Poetry 2

By mhefner1
10 terms by mhefner1


By E_England
52 terms by E_England

English 11 Reading SOL Genre Terms

By sbaiju
36 terms by sbaiju

AP Literature Daon Shakespere Verse and Prose Quiz Review

By Krista-Gaie_Grant
10 terms by Krista-Gaie_Grant

English 11 Reading SOL Genre Terms

By clmlough
36 terms by clmlough

7th grade- Vocabulary #4 terms

By victoria_mckee5
20 terms by victoria_mckee5

Genres and elements of Literature

By sialaelevigne_palete
9 terms by sialaelevigne_palete


By jmvxx
8 terms by jmvxx

Literature Terms Quiz 3

By Regina_McDonough25
10 terms by Regina_McDonough25

Types of literature

By zoebillyy
16 terms by zoebillyy

SAT Literature Literary Terms

By krobinetteTEACHER
36 terms by krobinetteTEACHER


By school9033
10 terms by school9033

lit terms 1-10

By lueckeashley
11 terms by lueckeashley


By nkantorek
28 terms by nkantorek

Genres of Literature

16 terms by DDCurtisTEACHER


By ichu_mammes03
10 terms by ichu_mammes03


By drakeramseyer
11 terms by drakeramseyer

Phil Lit - Introduction

By krishma_kishore
43 terms by krishma_kishore

Honors Literature-Types of Writing Vocabulary

By graceomalley00
17 terms by graceomalley00

Poetry Terms (with pics)

By msrossb3TEACHER
13 terms by msrossb3TEACHER

Types of writings girls riding class February 8th 2016

By Anjie_Grady
46 terms by Anjie_Grady

Week 5 Vocabulary

By laaplusmaestra
20 terms by laaplusmaestra


By madeline_kiss
9 terms by madeline_kiss

Yr 10 Prose Intro

By Michelle_Beckett
12 terms by Michelle_Beckett

30 VOCABULARY LESSON 30: Literature

By siemmx01TEACHER
10 terms by siemmx01TEACHER

MScott BVCR Lesson 2 Motion

By MissMScott1
11 terms by MissMScott1

V 20

By Sarah_Chang04
10 terms by Sarah_Chang04

Literature Genres

By jejohnson83
17 terms by jejohnson83

Shakespearean Verse and Prose

By michaela_brubaker8
27 terms by michaela_brubaker8

Of Mice and Men Literary Terms

By Ann_MallerTEACHER
13 terms by Ann_MallerTEACHER