Longitudinal waves

By BellaV2
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Transverse or Longitudinal wave.

By sydmorrison
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Longitudinal waves

By ashleyd40
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Transverse vs Longitudinal Wave

By mrkuncikTEACHER
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Making Waves Comparing Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

9 terms by Ms-DavisTEACHER

Wave energy medium

By reed_screws
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crave the wave

By Tom_StrotherTEACHER
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Wave Excitement

By charlescappsTEACHER
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Wave Parts

By gmpokra
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Wave Vocabulary

By mariadmunz
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Wave Types and Measures

By Angela_Breitbach
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Wave Vocabulary

By pale0123456789
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Physics Wave Part 1

By Breanna_Xiong
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The Nature of Waves

By Edwards31905
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Wave Vocabulary

By Kathleen_Carey
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Waves Quiz

By jenniferdance22
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Characteristics of Waves (1.1)

By Kristin_IddiolsTEACHER
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BIPC Test 1 Terms

By mbunstine40
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By TheLivingDictionary
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Wave Guide

By Kyle_Crouse9
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By William_Reid40
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Combo Wave Properties & Sound

25 terms by MrsSannerTEACHER


By kim_brabec_grassoTEACHER
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Longitudinal and Transverse Waves

By sconley73
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By MelindaTurner
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Waves set #1

By aleclayton
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Waves set #1

By michael_morris05
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Waves Parts 1

By Jill_McCullough
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Waves Common Assessment Review

By krysquig
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Physical Science 15.1

By Aquellah23
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Sanner Sound Waves

10 terms by MrsSannerTEACHER


By donnie2015
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By johnsonjac
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Waves Chapter 1 Vocab

By Evan_Handy
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Energy vocabulary

By Christopher_a_brandt
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Wave Pictures

By mr_adammitchell
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Waves Intro

By scottde
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Rollins Waves

By sherylrollins
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Science Vocab :medium

By twile01
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Wave Vocab

By iGeckos
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Waves vocab

By jenna_torres02
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Wave flash cards

By Connor-Allen-Roberts
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By CGarner_EMS
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ch 17 waves

By dlarios0003
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Waves & Vibrations

By Kara_Kerwin
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By Puddin333
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Science waves 1-1

By EmilyStricklett
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Wave vocab

By Avalynn_lyon
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Waves section 1

By bresch21
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