Waves: Vibrational Motion

By Isa_Ameen
10 terms by Isa_Ameen

Waves and Vibrational Motion

By Malia_Davis
21 terms by Malia_Davis

Ch. 19 Waves and Vibrational Motion

By Rin_Inuzuka
21 terms by Rin_Inuzuka

Chapter 19 Waves and Vibrational Motion

By jmedrano19
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Chapter 19 Waves and Vibrational Motion

By lshiroma19
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Chapter 19: Waves and Vibrational Motion

By lchun19
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Physics Waves and Vibrational Motion Study Guide

By milena_ordonez
21 terms by milena_ordonez

Transverse or Longitudinal wave.

By sydmorrisonTEACHER
9 terms by sydmorrisonTEACHER

crave the wave

By Tom_StrotherTEACHER
30 terms by Tom_StrotherTEACHER

Wave definitions

By ashleyd40
26 terms by ashleyd40

Wave Motion Definitions

By moorep70TEACHER
19 terms by moorep70TEACHER

Transverse vs Longitudinal Wave

By Deborah_Passmore
12 terms by Deborah_Passmore

Transverse vs Longitudinal Wave

By andrealeighjones
11 terms by andrealeighjones

Transverse vs Longitudinal Wave

By mrkuncikTEACHER
12 terms by mrkuncikTEACHER

Wave Vocabulary

By wpurdueTEACHER
13 terms by wpurdueTEACHER


By kylesni
14 terms by kylesni

Waves & Vibrations

By Kara_Kerwin
35 terms by Kara_Kerwin

Making Waves Comparing Transverse and Longitudinal Waves

By Ms-Davis
9 terms by Ms-Davis

Wave Motion

By drcahillcarlow
24 terms by drcahillcarlow

Wave Parts

By gmpokra
9 terms by gmpokra

Wave Vocabulary

By pale0123456789
14 terms by pale0123456789

Wave Vocabulary

By Kathleen_Carey
12 terms by Kathleen_Carey

Wave and Motion # 1

By bobblanch
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By makaylaclouse02
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Combo Wave Properties & Sound

25 terms by MrsSannerTEACHER

Wave Study Guide

By Staff_Heather_Brown
31 terms by Staff_Heather_Brown

Longitudinal waves

By BellaV2
8 terms by BellaV2

Intro Wave Vocabulary

By Bridgett_Schmitt
12 terms by Bridgett_Schmitt

Wave Types and Measures

By Angela_Breitbach
25 terms by Angela_Breitbach

Wave Review

By Karina_Zambreno
22 terms by Karina_Zambreno

Wave Pictures

By mr_adammitchell
16 terms by mr_adammitchell

Wave Vocabulary

By Sabrina_Jemison
19 terms by Sabrina_Jemison

Week 10- Wave Properties

By fostermom2
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By Benjamin_DiGiovanni
20 terms by Benjamin_DiGiovanni

Wave Basics

By LivePhysicsTutor
31 terms by LivePhysicsTutor

Wave Vocab

20 terms by DONGGEON_KWAK

Wave Excitement

By charlescappsTEACHER
13 terms by charlescappsTEACHER

crave the wave 3

By jwisrael
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34 terms by J_HICKSON

Wave Study Guide

By antsampogna
31 terms by antsampogna

Wave Vocabulary

By lhagen1
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Longitudinal waves

By ashleyd40
8 terms by ashleyd40

Wave Vocabulary

By CarolynRodgersTEACHER
23 terms by CarolynRodgersTEACHER

Crave the Wave Science Olympiad

By Cynthia_Garijo
120 terms by Cynthia_Garijo

wave definitions

By Alyssa_Navilio
17 terms by Alyssa_Navilio

Wave Vocabulary

By Jennifer_Rosenthal
22 terms by Jennifer_Rosenthal

Wave motion

By stanleyrachael
18 terms by stanleyrachael

Wave Vocabulary

16 terms by KYLE_MORRIS7

Wave terms

17 terms by StChrisSciTEACHER

Wave Behaviour

By daneattwood
19 terms by daneattwood