Generals' Sports Bar Spirits

By Madison_Belanger6
20 terms by Madison_Belanger6

Religion Chapter 19 A Generous Spirit 5-12-15

By joseph07072004
8 terms by joseph07072004

Touching Spirit Bear Ch. 1-6

By dcarson23
16 terms by dcarson23

anim - Latin for "spirit, soul, or life"

8 terms by MsLorettTEACHER

15 magnanimous

By lthurberTEACHER
9 terms by lthurberTEACHER


By hyunbin_yim
9 terms by hyunbin_yim

Freshman Vocabulary (Clegg) List 20

By whitecreekTEACHER
8 terms by whitecreekTEACHER


By whitecreekTEACHER
8 terms by whitecreekTEACHER

15 magnanimous

By jwilson669
9 terms by jwilson669

Spirit Airlines Airport Codes

By j_levinson295101
57 terms by j_levinson295101

ANIM- Mind; will; spirit

By dbass30
21 terms by dbass30

anim - "spirit, soul, life"

By Katie_Schnaas
8 terms by Katie_Schnaas

Touching Spirit Bear - Chapters 10 - 28 Vocabulary

By gearty8
10 terms by gearty8

Unit 10

By Mariolis
12 terms by Mariolis

Declaration of Independence Vocabulary

By mariavoghel
10 terms by mariavoghel

CSS Chapter 1: Spirit Production

By vsantoro
98 terms by vsantoro

Vocabulary Week 20

By Sharissa_Farrell
8 terms by Sharissa_Farrell

SAT #8 A

By rcroom8946
12 terms by rcroom8946

SAT #10

By ekohnerTEACHER
14 terms by ekohnerTEACHER

lesson 11

10 terms by OLGA_UGALDE5

Great Gatsby 7-9

By CBurlingame
9 terms by CBurlingame

Vocab L11

By ariana_nolan
10 terms by ariana_nolan

Anchor Word Generous

By kristin50
11 terms by kristin50

Greek and Latin Roots Grade 9 Unit 10

By ahayenga
15 terms by ahayenga

Walking in the Spirit

By Sheri_Lamb
15 terms by Sheri_Lamb

Vocab 14

By bellis6215
10 terms by bellis6215

Vocab. 13 and 14

By nguthrie
19 terms by nguthrie

Freshmen English Unit 10 (tan book)

By vankampenl
16 terms by vankampenl

Ch. 1 Confirmed in the Spirit

By mcalistro
22 terms by mcalistro

Core Vocab 15: generous or cheap

By ZachMoody
10 terms by ZachMoody

Combo with "Magn= large , big, great Scrib= write" and 1 other

By srharrison6
37 terms by srharrison6


By utahtestprep
8 terms by utahtestprep

Caesar's English II Lessons 5 through 8 VOCABULARY

By NguyenHomeschool
10 terms by NguyenHomeschool

Generous Supporter

By Raj_Bhatta
10 terms by Raj_Bhatta

33. SAT [Exoschoo]

By briancelceTEACHER
10 terms by briancelceTEACHER

GRE Vocab: Generous/ kind

By apritts33
8 terms by apritts33

Coyle Vocabulary in Context 1

By gicajkcTEACHER
10 terms by gicajkcTEACHER

Loyola Press Vocabulary in Action Level H: Chapter 4

By MissHartsteinTEACHER
25 terms by MissHartsteinTEACHER

Vocab #20 4th Period

By SarahGreeson
15 terms by SarahGreeson

Mrs. Keys Vocab Lesson 2

By Lacyak
10 terms by Lacyak

Chapter 2, Section 2-Declaration of Independence Vocabulary

By Carmen_Macrae
30 terms by Carmen_Macrae

Vocab #1

By Ms_Almgren
17 terms by Ms_Almgren

Anima, Anim, Aqua

By MrsKingSmithTEACHER
12 terms by MrsKingSmithTEACHER

vocabulary 2

By montzerrath
9 terms by montzerrath

english 13

By jane0429
10 terms by jane0429

Root Word Set #1: ANIM/FIN

By MsLibby
14 terms by MsLibby

8th Grade Latin and Greek Unit 10

By Jayne_Ladas1
36 terms by Jayne_Ladas1

english 14

By jane0429
10 terms by jane0429

Latin and Greek Unit 10

By Jayne_Ladas1
36 terms by Jayne_Ladas1