Anchor Word Generous

By kristin50
11 terms by kristin50

Honest, Generous, Persevere

By Stef_Curry
33 terms by Stef_Curry

Word of the Day 71-80

By brett_heinemeyerTEACHER
10 terms by brett_heinemeyerTEACHER

Combo with "Magn= large , big, great Scrib= write" and 1 other

By srharrison6
37 terms by srharrison6

Vocab #12

By Haein_Cho
40 terms by Haein_Cho

Session 32

By spareli
16 terms by spareli

vocab #4

By darahelenas
10 terms by darahelenas

Vocab 5/4

By Jacob_Greenwood86
10 terms by Jacob_Greenwood86

vocab 9

By Kyliedavis24
10 terms by Kyliedavis24

List 4

By Mattie_Snyder
10 terms by Mattie_Snyder

Vocabulary 31

By sophiethomas12365
10 terms by sophiethomas12365

ROE lesson 3

By WolfBane2219
30 terms by WolfBane2219

Week 2 unit 7

By BlaiseDaugherty
8 terms by BlaiseDaugherty

Big Nate

By garcijua004
8 terms by garcijua004

SAT words set 2: Flattery will get you everywhere

By ashiahdockery
10 terms by ashiahdockery

Soldier's Heart

By Amy_Griffiths40
15 terms by Amy_Griffiths40

Zarryen Spelling 5/11/16

By Lori_Gaines
10 terms by Lori_Gaines

Magn= large, big, great Scrib= write

By craver14814
16 terms by craver14814


By merideth_gabrielle
8 terms by merideth_gabrielle

Adjective: Describing the character or qualities.

By IbuAnna
26 terms by IbuAnna

The big 20

By Bballer123409
20 terms by Bballer123409

VA 7/2

By maryaaaam
29 terms by maryaaaam

Heart & Soul Chapters 1-4

By nikkiclarocca
25 terms by nikkiclarocca

Final vocab 💯😈🔫

By ryonmatt
17 terms by ryonmatt


By amk18phs
17 terms by amk18phs

Latin SAT Words

By kayladilworth
15 terms by kayladilworth

week 18 vocab

By laurenbyars425
15 terms by laurenbyars425

Magn= large , big, great Scrib= write

By srharrison6
16 terms by srharrison6

1984 and Brave New World Vocabulary

By nayrbgoTEACHER
30 terms by nayrbgoTEACHER

English 2

By Melissaandcandy
20 terms by Melissaandcandy

Week one mar 30

By tannerrussell00
12 terms by tannerrussell00

Vocab 1

By kruggles18
10 terms by kruggles18

English words

By maddie_toler
10 terms by maddie_toler


By maxseth1
10 terms by maxseth1

Characters Unit 1

15 terms by LynZhangTEACHER


By Frank_Sorrentino
10 terms by Frank_Sorrentino

SAT vocab (1)

By michelle_kong7
14 terms by michelle_kong7

Vocab. 5/6

By Tessie_Limoges
10 terms by Tessie_Limoges

Vocab 12

By Devine_Rivera35
10 terms by Devine_Rivera35

English vocab words

By arickgleissner
17 terms by arickgleissner

Tom sawyer1

By mnikiciuk7
10 terms by mnikiciuk7

A4e vocabulary lesson 21

By AnikaSharma
13 terms by AnikaSharma

Daily Vocab

By Caleb_Patterson4
10 terms by Caleb_Patterson4

Vocab 12/1/14


Week #4: -corp- & -anim-

By Stephanie_Lytle
8 terms by Stephanie_Lytle

Unit 7

By bcr33
12 terms by bcr33

Vocab 12

By berenis_
15 terms by berenis_

A4E Feb week 2 vocab

By hey_its_anvita
13 terms by hey_its_anvita


By Chris_Kim39
13 terms by Chris_Kim39

Mr. Nice Guy

By ekunshetty
12 terms by ekunshetty