Anchor Word Generous

By kristin50
11 terms by kristin50

Honest, Generous, Persevere

By Stef_Curry
33 terms by Stef_Curry

Word of the Day 71-80

By brett_heinemeyerTEACHER
10 terms by brett_heinemeyerTEACHER

Combo with "Magn= large , big, great Scrib= write" and 1 other

By srharrison6
37 terms by srharrison6

Vocab #12

By Haein_Cho
40 terms by Haein_Cho

Honors junior english

By Michael_Warner14
10 terms by Michael_Warner14

Vocab 4

By Shae_Nicolaisen
10 terms by Shae_Nicolaisen

Session 32

By spareli
16 terms by spareli

Book 3, Unit 10

16 terms by Ms_Amy_HoltTEACHER

SAT # 3 Review

By ginw4n61
25 terms by ginw4n61

Vocab 5/4

By Jacob_Greenwood86
10 terms by Jacob_Greenwood86

vocab 9

By Kyliedavis24
10 terms by Kyliedavis24

List 4

By Mattie_Snyder
10 terms by Mattie_Snyder

Vocabulary 31

By sophiethomas12365
10 terms by sophiethomas12365

Week 2 unit 7

By BlaiseDaugherty
8 terms by BlaiseDaugherty

ROE lesson 3

By WolfBane2219
30 terms by WolfBane2219

Big Nate

By garcijua004
8 terms by garcijua004

SAT words set 2: Flattery will get you everywhere

By ashiahdockery
10 terms by ashiahdockery

Comp vocab 2

By stevenicastro
20 terms by stevenicastro

Zarryen Spelling 5/11/16

By Lori_Gaines
10 terms by Lori_Gaines

Soldier's Heart

By Amy_Griffiths40
15 terms by Amy_Griffiths40

Magn= large, big, great Scrib= write

By craver14814
16 terms by craver14814


By merideth_gabrielle
8 terms by merideth_gabrielle

The big 20

By Bballer123409
20 terms by Bballer123409


By amk18phs
17 terms by amk18phs

Latin SAT Words

By kayladilworth
15 terms by kayladilworth

Final vocab 💯😈🔫

By ryonmatt
17 terms by ryonmatt

VA 7/2

By maryaaaam
29 terms by maryaaaam

Adjective: Describing the character or qualities.

By IbuAnna
26 terms by IbuAnna

Vocabulary 5

By jessika_pulido
10 terms by jessika_pulido

Heart & Soul Chapters 1-4

By nikkiclarocca
25 terms by nikkiclarocca

Long Walk to Water Chapter 6

By Karen_Myers
13 terms by Karen_Myers

week 18 vocab

By laurenbyars425
15 terms by laurenbyars425

Magn= large , big, great Scrib= write

By srharrison6
16 terms by srharrison6

English 2

By Melissaandcandy
20 terms by Melissaandcandy

Week one mar 30

By tannerrussell00
12 terms by tannerrussell00

Vocab 1

By kruggles18
10 terms by kruggles18

English words

By maddie_toler
10 terms by maddie_toler


By maxseth1
10 terms by maxseth1

1984 and Brave New World Vocabulary

By nayrbgoTEACHER
30 terms by nayrbgoTEACHER


By Frank_Sorrentino
10 terms by Frank_Sorrentino

Tom sawyer1

By mnikiciuk7
10 terms by mnikiciuk7

SAT vocab (1)

By michelle_kong7
14 terms by michelle_kong7

Vocab. 5/6

By Tessie_Limoges
10 terms by Tessie_Limoges

Vocab 12

By Devine_Rivera35
10 terms by Devine_Rivera35

English vocab words

By arickgleissner
17 terms by arickgleissner

Vocab 12

By berenis_
15 terms by berenis_

A4E Feb week 2 vocab

By hey_its_anvita
13 terms by hey_its_anvita


By Chris_Kim39
13 terms by Chris_Kim39

Mr. Nice Guy

By ekunshetty
12 terms by ekunshetty