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Los pantalones y zapatos

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clothes vocabulary trousers and skirts

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unit 8 clothes

By saime35
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Gioco clothing

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Francisca 7 Are these his trousers?

By Marcela_Jara
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Les vetements / Clothing

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Spanish Vocab Primavera-Pantalones

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Clothing Items - French

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My Clothes

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5/a/ Personal description

By luna_dellerTEACHER
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Clothes 1/2

By Langues_Vivantes
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Long Pants:Murdoch's Hoarding

By EngimaticDisposition
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Vêtements à deux jambes

By Margo-green
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I06 Lesson A-word bank

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Clothes and Accessories 1

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Spanish: clothes-pants

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Les achats - les vêtements

By CDroulez
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Vocabulary for clothes british

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La ropa

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By RobertCPinder
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la ropa

By danidancer
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clothes-for all

By Lucy_Gong9
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Unit 11- Shopping across the pond

By Irene_Teacher
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Clothing - Trousers/Shoes

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Vocabulario V2

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Spanish Quiz 1 Study Guide

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French (bottom)

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Spanish 2

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GEL Aula internacional 1 unidad 4- La ropa ENGLISCH

By T_Matzinger
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Vocabulario 1 - El Hogar

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Go! Unit 32 C2T

By Pauline_Haymoz
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La Ropa/ Clothes

By jwharton56
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La ropa

By Sra_Doty
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Carnaval/Bal de Neige - les vêtements

By Mlle_MerrittTEACHER
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Items Of Clothing (men)

By AlexanderHoppe
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