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term:personal property = any property that is not real property

a property that does not change what the object is

5 terms By johngranger

Real Property Interests

12 terms By LynPyn

1. Real Property & Ownership

103 terms By chuck_hong

Section 15: Estimating Real Property Value (8%)

43 terms By nubner05

Real Property Interests

12 terms By SuccessMoneyPower

4_Ownership of Real Property

103 terms By cmd029

Notary Exam - Real Property Law, section 1: Acknowledgement and Proofs

7 terms By poeticjustice1979

Properties of Real Numbers (actual answers that are not wrong)

6 terms By pierso912

Chap. 1 Real Property & Ownership

20 terms By cstrong49

ACS Practice Test 1

81 terms By Kiserihashelit18

Real Estate Law (Aalberts), Ch 3

27 terms By gringoenglish

Identifying the Properties Math 7

10 terms By tliebler Teacher

Computer Terms for Vocabulary Class

18 terms By annalaura_hocker Teacher

Biol 2117 chp 8

35 terms By YuliyaB

Constitutional Amendments (1-27)

27 terms By Mr-Lewis Teacher

Real Estate Terms and Definitions

13 terms By queenbee76

Practice of Real Estate

18 terms By PassThePSI

Lesson 2.1 Properties of Matter: Definitions (Koczela)

3 terms By Nicholas_Koczela

5.02 Business Law Vocabulary

27 terms By SwinsonDyanna


2 terms By tinylee

Computer Basics 2

36 terms By rbrendel3 Teacher

Study Guide Science 5th grade -Weather and Climate Weather- the day to day changes of : temperature,…

2 terms By Britishguy2

Soc 5

89 terms By c_choy


27 terms By MrsYunakov Teacher

Microbiology lab test 1

22 terms By kawarkman

Government 27 Amendments

27 terms By jayeduhb Teacher

microbial genetics

35 terms By dawnaby1


27 terms By MrsPleasant Teacher

1-Los Colores

16 terms By Sra__Parker Teacher

Intro to Tech Vocab

12 terms By Judith_Core Teacher


13 terms By DYNX

tort law

2 terms By beloveddavita


39 terms By mjeness

PPE Sample Questions

12 terms By shirjeel

C&R: Histamine & drugs that modify its effects

24 terms By marteva

computer vocab

47 terms By yharo

Forces and Motion

16 terms By milese2 Teacher

Computer Terms

19 terms By kwpowers Teacher

Los Colores

17 terms By vivaelespanol Teacher

Basic Terms and Concepts

7 terms By Abernathy_Insurance Teacher

Group1 for Academic work list

60 terms By vietanhtvt

Los colores

13 terms By tove1208 Teacher

Los Colores

15 terms By oyehooley Teacher

Los Colores - The Colors

12 terms By carrenom Teacher

Intensive properties

10 terms By Pilot_Erica

All Properties

8 terms By kn96

Computer Basics 2

36 terms By RocheClass

LUA scripting properties A

30 terms By shinimai

Section 7: Property rights: Estates, tenancies, and multiple ownership interests (8%)

39 terms By nubner05

Forces and Motion

20 terms By MsSgraded Teacher
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