JingJing 8

By zhengrong
10 terms by zhengrong

景點詞彙 jǐng dǐan cí hùi

By quizlette166448
7 terms by quizlette166448


By oscar-wei
10 terms by oscar-wei

Jobs for KG

By yang_hongTEACHER
8 terms by yang_hongTEACHER

Social workers

By cchen0808
12 terms by cchen0808

Subjects and Social workers

By cchen0808
12 terms by cchen0808

Y5/Y6-Occupations and working places

By Ning_Liu9
12 terms by Ning_Liu9

Y5/Y6-Occupations and working places

By charlotte_ying
14 terms by charlotte_ying

JingJing PinYin 100

By zhengrong
100 terms by zhengrong

IGCSE 0547 vocabs 541 to 560 (with PinYin)

By myeewong
20 terms by myeewong

family members, occupation

By oscar-wei
19 terms by oscar-wei

PYP_Jobs 工作

By laoshizhangTEACHER
12 terms by laoshizhangTEACHER

Places 地方 2

By zoelaoshi
8 terms by zoelaoshi

Y5/Y6-Occupations and working places-1

By charlotte_ying
12 terms by charlotte_ying

Chinese Vocabulary ~ Community 2

By lschineseTEACHER
10 terms by lschineseTEACHER


By Charlie_Mcvicker
9 terms by Charlie_Mcvicker

V1U2 occupation

By yenaanaTEACHER
8 terms by yenaanaTEACHER

Y9 FND U1 L2 Working Places

By Alyssa_LUO
10 terms by Alyssa_LUO

Occupations pinyin

By Jessica_Liu3924
18 terms by Jessica_Liu3924


By axelandtom
19 terms by axelandtom


By Leixia_LIU
14 terms by Leixia_LIU

Easy steps to Chinese 4 Lesson 2 职业 text 1 part 2: occupations

By sjiiqianzhaoTEACHER
13 terms by sjiiqianzhaoTEACHER

Chinese Vocabulary ~ Community 2

By Linlaoshimvps
13 terms by Linlaoshimvps


By ponylily920514
10 terms by ponylily920514

Week 5 Government words (reading)

By mavisluanTEACHER
10 terms by mavisluanTEACHER

Chinese places

By yrw1118
20 terms by yrw1118

ESTC3 L14.2asking the way问路

By Peng-Laoshi
21 terms by Peng-Laoshi

Chapter 5 - lesson 5 Finding the way-JZ

By zhuixun1983
18 terms by zhuixun1983


By Ivy_Chen5
9 terms by Ivy_Chen5

Teacher Yao, Book 3, Unit 2--Lesson 6

By Liming_Khan
17 terms by Liming_Khan

HPS Occupations

By msgoh1
10 terms by msgoh1

Reading 8

By yooneestar
9 terms by yooneestar


By Charles_Taylor633
10 terms by Charles_Taylor633


By Wang-MandarinTEACHER
12 terms by Wang-MandarinTEACHER


19 terms by FENGE_KU

Chinese summer camp 6 - Police/Emergency call

By Lianglaoshi
8 terms by Lianglaoshi


By axelandtom
20 terms by axelandtom

L6 job 2 pinyin only

18 terms by SWSWTEACHER

Speaking 7

By yooneestar
8 terms by yooneestar

February 14th (Valentine's day!!!)

By CFA13
11 terms by CFA13


By tomooinoue202TEACHER
28 terms by tomooinoue202TEACHER

Grade 6 Places 地方

By zoelaoshi
16 terms by zoelaoshi

Occupations - Part 1 (8 words)

8 terms by CoachChenTEACHER


By Jean_HusseyTEACHER
13 terms by Jean_HusseyTEACHER

27. Emergency

By wenjie_lv
18 terms by wenjie_lv

CME1 Lesson9拼音图画版

By terisaw
43 terms by terisaw

Professions Part 1

By MrGaoYongpei
9 terms by MrGaoYongpei

Lesson 14-2 Asking the Way

By aichachuan
21 terms by aichachuan

Jasmine's Study set 2

By shels22
54 terms by shels22


By tina_phang
11 terms by tina_phang