JingJing 8

By zhengrong
10 terms by zhengrong


By oscar-wei
10 terms by oscar-wei

Jobs for KG

By yang_hongTEACHER
8 terms by yang_hongTEACHER

Y5/Y6-Occupations and working places

By Ning_Liu9
12 terms by Ning_Liu9

family members, occupation

By oscar-wei
19 terms by oscar-wei

PYP_Jobs 工作

By laoshizhangTEACHER
12 terms by laoshizhangTEACHER


By Charlie_Mcvicker
9 terms by Charlie_Mcvicker

V1U2 occupation

By yenaanaTEACHER
8 terms by yenaanaTEACHER

Easy steps to Chinese 4 Lesson 2 职业 text 1 part 2: occupations

By sjiiqianzhaoTEACHER
13 terms by sjiiqianzhaoTEACHER


By Leixia_LIU
14 terms by Leixia_LIU

JingJing PinYin 100

By zhengrong
100 terms by zhengrong

Teacher Yao, Book 3, Unit 2--Lesson 6

By Liming_Khan
17 terms by Liming_Khan


By Charles_Taylor633
10 terms by Charles_Taylor633

Week 5 Government words (reading)

By mavisluanTEACHER
10 terms by mavisluanTEACHER


By Ivy_Chen5
9 terms by Ivy_Chen5

HPS Occupations

By msgoh1
10 terms by msgoh1



L6 job 2 pinyin only

18 terms by SWSWTEACHER

Grade 6 Places 地方

By zoelaoshi
16 terms by zoelaoshi


By superchinesehrTEACHER
17 terms by superchinesehrTEACHER

February 14th (Valentine's day!!!)

By CFA13
11 terms by CFA13


By tomooinoue202TEACHER
28 terms by tomooinoue202TEACHER

27. Emergency

By wenjie_lv
18 terms by wenjie_lv

Hello Mandrin book4(t) lesson-2

By Jessica_Tsai2TEACHER
8 terms by Jessica_Tsai2TEACHER

ESC4 L3 T1 occupation with Pic

By LilaoshiDSCS
33 terms by LilaoshiDSCS

Occupation Vocabulary

By Kejia_Rui
8 terms by Kejia_Rui

Occupations - Part 1 (8 words)

8 terms by CoachChenTEACHER


By Michelle_Ong27
10 terms by Michelle_Ong27

68. Jobs 工作 2 page 22

By theWanglaoshi
8 terms by theWanglaoshi

37. Local Amenities page 13

By theWanglaoshi
11 terms by theWanglaoshi

CME1 Lesson16

By Stephanielow
12 terms by Stephanielow

CCA Revision

By Ms_Su
21 terms by Ms_Su

Lesson 14-2 Asking the Way

By aichachuan
21 terms by aichachuan

Lesson 44 My Community 我的社区

By MsMaggieLi
22 terms by MsMaggieLi

第二课 她是中国人 lesson2

By bisszhanglaoshi
9 terms by bisszhanglaoshi

中文四 社区

12 terms by Haiwen_LuTEACHER

Places in a town

By quizlette60640
13 terms by quizlette60640


By Tashon_Morgan
10 terms by Tashon_Morgan

LiYiFan homework

By yifan20
29 terms by yifan20

Chinese jobs

By elzb_cheer
10 terms by elzb_cheer

G8 -- Location

By shaferh
11 terms by shaferh

Unit4 Places In the Town (L6)

By Xiaoxuan_Li_Mandarin
25 terms by Xiaoxuan_Li_Mandarin

lesson 10 profession

By tinneyryan
10 terms by tinneyryan

Olivia Prelude 1 这是我的朋友-phrases

By sjenyart
8 terms by sjenyart

heads up 1

By katie2peteTEACHER
32 terms by katie2peteTEACHER

Chinese occupation

By noahstone5
10 terms by noahstone5

Jobs 工作

By linazengfan
19 terms by linazengfan

Chinese 3 Unit 2 Lesson 3 Pinyin Only

By Alexis_Terrell7
16 terms by Alexis_Terrell7

Mandarin Jobs Vocab

By caresty
10 terms by caresty


By RylandSun1
10 terms by RylandSun1