Word Study Prefixes

By MarshaEmery
13 terms by MarshaEmery

Parts of speech

By Diane_Rappolt
13 terms by Diane_Rappolt

Mostly Morphology

By Jeff_Bartell
8 terms by Jeff_Bartell

Using the right prefix - L.A. 7th A - Part 2 - Unit 1

By elmerpiresTEACHER
13 terms by elmerpiresTEACHER

Using the right prefix - L.A. 7th B - Part 2 - Unit 1

By elmerpiresTEACHER
13 terms by elmerpiresTEACHER

Greek Roots

By AlysonLasgoity
10 terms by AlysonLasgoity

Week 22 Vocab_2nd and 3rd

By mrsspencer09
20 terms by mrsspencer09

Lesson 23: Prefixes

By ritamac83
16 terms by ritamac83

Week 23

By audra_08
20 terms by audra_08

STAAR Vocabulary 1-10

By MrsHopping
10 terms by MrsHopping

Word Parts List 1

By LeeDaugherty
14 terms by LeeDaugherty

Word Parts List 1 - 2

By LeeDaugherty
14 terms by LeeDaugherty

Vocabulary Terms

By EMacM
11 terms by EMacM

Vocabulary Week 2

By Adkisontwins
11 terms by Adkisontwins

Vocabulary of instruction



By terrydw
8 terms by terrydw

Prefix bi- and suffix fy-

By portable
12 terms by portable


By gabypu
11 terms by gabypu

Vocabulary 10052015

By thirdgradecubs
10 terms by thirdgradecubs

Unit 5 vocab

8 terms by DANIEL_GALVAN4

STAAR Vocabulary 1

By krg12345
10 terms by krg12345

Prefix, Suffix and Root words

By sfersch84
23 terms by sfersch84

Reading: The Vocabulary of Vocabulary

By kayla180
9 terms by kayla180

EOG Vocabulary SET A (first 14 words)

By Chemeka_Woods
13 terms by Chemeka_Woods

Prefixes That Have a Single Meaning

By quizlette601739
20 terms by quizlette601739

Vocabulary List 3 - Word Parts

By superlbrown55
10 terms by superlbrown55

Tuesday Notes Terms and Definitions

By shbayer
12 terms by shbayer

Prefixes and Suffixes

By Enza_Fabiano
11 terms by Enza_Fabiano

Introduction to Roots, Prefixes and Suffixes

By Suzanne_DeConto2
15 terms by Suzanne_DeConto2

Vocabulary Words 7th Grade

By bwatson46
11 terms by bwatson46

Sylvania Word Work 1

By esl-engl
10 terms by esl-engl

Word Work Basics Study Set

By msfortgang
13 terms by msfortgang

Affix quiz 1

By jsquindo
12 terms by jsquindo

Tips for Finding out a Word's Meaning

By pbilliter
25 terms by pbilliter

Look In, Look Around

By acoop68
9 terms by acoop68

Academic Reading Set 3

By prestondg
12 terms by prestondg

word part and connotation terms

By Irishdaybreak
11 terms by Irishdaybreak

Plus Class Write Nows Part 1

By Madeline_Guthrie8
15 terms by Madeline_Guthrie8

Starr vocab. 1-10

By autumnrenee119
10 terms by autumnrenee119

Vocabulary #13 - Sixth Grade

By kha_portageTEACHER
12 terms by kha_portageTEACHER

Words to Go Basics

By rlowe09
10 terms by rlowe09

Medical Terminology Parts of Words

By Dr_Dj
8 terms by Dr_Dj

EL Reading Vocabulary List 3

By arcisse
10 terms by arcisse


By steelsarah
12 terms by steelsarah

STAAR vocabulary

By macattack0063
10 terms by macattack0063