COM 412: Dialectical Perspective

By allison_lansing
8 terms by allison_lansing

Relational Dialectics Theory

By Caroline_Lawlor
15 terms by Caroline_Lawlor

Chapter 7: Developing and Maintaining Relationships

By ClaireMarie2294
24 terms by ClaireMarie2294


By kenzieisobel
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Interpersonal Communication Ch 9

By MojoJojo11111
17 terms by MojoJojo11111

ch 8 terms

By maggietobolka
11 terms by maggietobolka

Communication Theories 2

By amandafranze
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Relational Dialects Theory

By afine1
25 terms by afine1

Comm. Ch. 8, 12, 13

By oliviabeall
67 terms by oliviabeall

Comm Final Chapters 7-10 & 13 & 14 + Lecture Notes

By littlesly6
177 terms by littlesly6

Com Theory: Relational Dialectics

By Tati_jacky
11 terms by Tati_jacky

COM 111 Test 2 Relational Dialectics Theory

By caitlin_karr
9 terms by caitlin_karr

Intro to Close Relationships

By hannasophia
10 terms by hannasophia

Final 2 romantic relationships

By venaseranico_
24 terms by venaseranico_

Chap 11 Relational Dialect Theory (RDT)

By alexsaxon757
25 terms by alexsaxon757

speech chapter 10

By tanner_mckinley18
10 terms by tanner_mckinley18

Relational Dialectics Theory

By livy_davey
24 terms by livy_davey

Relational Dialectics Theory

By mike_cassidy6
18 terms by mike_cassidy6

oral com 331

By supernana71
19 terms by supernana71

Relational Dialects Theory

By emilyspennato
10 terms by emilyspennato

Relational Dialectics Theory- Ch. 11

By meghan_mulhern3
36 terms by meghan_mulhern3

com final

By lilymarion
20 terms by lilymarion

Relational Dialectics (Lecture 8)

By b4roar
10 terms by b4roar

Communications Test 2

By ajanedis
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By Tamaya_Wilkins
34 terms by Tamaya_Wilkins

Communications Chapter 8: Intimate Relationships

By alex_hamilton55
8 terms by alex_hamilton55

Com 112 Exam 3

By sarah_gudger
109 terms by sarah_gudger

Comm: Chapter 8

By cassidy_costa
22 terms by cassidy_costa

Comm 100 CH 7

By ShugaKukki
49 terms by ShugaKukki

Ch 12 relational dialectics theory

By botanicalstars
21 terms by botanicalstars

Final Exam Interpersonal Comm

By Claire_Williams5
60 terms by Claire_Williams5

Ch 7 - Relationships

By Lindseyjespersen
25 terms by Lindseyjespersen

CMN 10Y Midterm

By jennyc13
26 terms by jennyc13

Relational Dialectics Theory

By tyler_parker52
13 terms by tyler_parker52

COMM 100 Final ch 8

By sydneylane24
31 terms by sydneylane24

COMM1500 Final Exam

By dyehu
69 terms by dyehu

Interpersonal Communication Class Notes for final

By schrodlr
40 terms by schrodlr

**** to know

By mp433
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COMM Theory: Relational Dialectics Theory

By Nrethal
24 terms by Nrethal

SPH106 Ch 7

By christina_hemingway
28 terms by christina_hemingway

com 110 chapter 8

By denitashaw
35 terms by denitashaw

Interpersonal Communication Chp. 8-10

By t_c98
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Relational Dialectics Theory

By acaz1
8 terms by acaz1

Com 10Y lecture 20 Interpersonal Communication

By robin531
13 terms by robin531

Speech Ch. 7

By RachelKayleigh
20 terms by RachelKayleigh

Comm 250 - Test 2

By gabie_maupin
54 terms by gabie_maupin

COM 102 CHT 9

By realkidjay
66 terms by realkidjay