Possessive Pronouns & Tu Commands

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spanish commands

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Informal Commands

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polite commands

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The imperative

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Extra chapter 3 info (Spanish)

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tú commands spanish 3 Ms. Hutin-Lee

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-go verbs and affirmative tú commands

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-go verbs and affirmative tú commands

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Command Tense, Spanish II Honors

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Tú, Usted, Ustedes Mandatos

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Español Prueba #2 Gramática

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Tú and Usted/Ustedes Commands

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informal tu commands

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Spanish Commands

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commands and object pronouns

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Imperative Verbs (tu)

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Spanish Commands Finals Week

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Spanish Commands

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french imperatives

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Chapter 6 Grammar 2 French 1

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Spanish: Chapter 4 Test

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Informal Commands

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Imperativo informale (tu, noi, voi)

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SPAN102: Capitulo 10 Grammar

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4.4- Formal (Ud. and Uds.) commands

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Spanish grammar

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hardest grammar from 1-4.1

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Honors Spanish- Command Notes

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All Commands Review

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Spanish pruebacita Oct. 7

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French reminder words

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Mandatos (commands)

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SPAN 2111 - Imperativo

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Spanish2 3.2 Negative tú Commands

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Spanish Commands

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Capitulo 5

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TÚ commands

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French - page 202 - The imperative

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Exam 10 Spanish

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Spanish 2H Final Exam

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