Sense Imagery

By nolenmichael
8 terms by nolenmichael

Sense Imagery

By CMSleeman
8 terms by CMSleeman

Descriptive Language- English 3

By Elizabeth_Hamilton1
12 terms by Elizabeth_Hamilton1

Emerson and Thoreau

By KRockett
10 terms by KRockett


By Rhonda_Campbell
10 terms by Rhonda_Campbell


By herndonwm
8 terms by herndonwm

AP Lit Terms 4

By BrantlyWarren
10 terms by BrantlyWarren

LAS III Unit 1 A Game of Light and Shade

By maheinTEACHER
9 terms by maheinTEACHER

Imagery English

By britney_vuong1
9 terms by britney_vuong1

Imagery Vocab

By lukemorgan4
8 terms by lukemorgan4

Figurative Language

By annemariewebb
12 terms by annemariewebb

Poetry Vocabulary

By sgist
18 terms by sgist

AP English Vocab Set 4

By meghan1996
10 terms by meghan1996

Introduction to Literary Analysis & DIDLS

By n13thomas
28 terms by n13thomas

Poetry Terms

By Eweng21
19 terms by Eweng21

Unit 1 Reading 3

By Brent_Cook1
12 terms by Brent_Cook1

Pearl Terms

By ckuhlkenTEACHER
13 terms by ckuhlkenTEACHER


By smcgovern29
9 terms by smcgovern29

English #10

By nat91099
9 terms by nat91099

Literary and Stylistic Devices

By skintz
23 terms by skintz

Year 11 English Studies Music and poetry

By ksullivan100TEACHER
23 terms by ksullivan100TEACHER

Poetry Vocab

By julia_frese
19 terms by julia_frese


By joe_teach
20 terms by joe_teach

Semester 2 Literary, Poetic, and Dramatic Terms

By arthurchiaravalli
26 terms by arthurchiaravalli

Survival Terms

By Daniel_Gerke
19 terms by Daniel_Gerke

AP Language Rhetorical Devices Unit 3

By sydneyle1208
21 terms by sydneyle1208

Ap. English Lit definitions

By sstelmashenko15
18 terms by sstelmashenko15

Devices and Definitions - copy

By Carol_GoodTEACHER
63 terms by Carol_GoodTEACHER

Poetry Vocab

By elysejohnson99
19 terms by elysejohnson99

Types of Imagery

By Gingersnaps98
8 terms by Gingersnaps98

The Game of Light and Shade

By susantoergeTEACHER
15 terms by susantoergeTEACHER

figurative language and literary elements

By marianassif
22 terms by marianassif


By Im_Gatsby
10 terms by Im_Gatsby

Keystone D Unit 1 Reading 3

By Dana_Phelps
9 terms by Dana_Phelps

Poetry Unit Terms

By aheath
45 terms by aheath

AP Survival Terms: Imagery/Sound Devices

By Katie_Rys
11 terms by Katie_Rys

English extra terms

By John_Lonergan6
14 terms by John_Lonergan6

Poetic devices

By MrAHayman
11 terms by MrAHayman

midyears - literary devices

By laelm10
52 terms by laelm10

Common Poetic Devices

By smarcus11
21 terms by smarcus11

L Williams - Eng 2 - Literary Terms

By Carrie_Fussell
9 terms by Carrie_Fussell

Types of Imagery

By rparbo
8 terms by rparbo


By ScreamingEgo
12 terms by ScreamingEgo

AP Literature and Composition Perrine's Poetry Chapters 3-16

By Naydin_Zepeda5
109 terms by Naydin_Zepeda5

English 9- QUARTERLY-Study Guide

By Mr_Faeder
25 terms by Mr_Faeder

Literary Elements of Poetry

By Keith_Fasano
40 terms by Keith_Fasano

Honors Poetry 2016

By Lisa_Hamernick
27 terms by Lisa_Hamernick

Language and Sound

By katyakowalski
35 terms by katyakowalski

AP Lit Midterm Vocab

By jb2112
20 terms by jb2112