Sense Imagery

By CMSleeman
8 terms by CMSleeman

Sense Imagery

By nolenmichael
8 terms by nolenmichael

Descriptive Language- English 3

By Elizabeth_Hamilton1
12 terms by Elizabeth_Hamilton1

Emerson and Thoreau

By KRockett
10 terms by KRockett


By Rhonda_CampbellTEACHER
10 terms by Rhonda_CampbellTEACHER


By herndonwm
8 terms by herndonwm

Introduction to Literary Analysis & DIDLS

By n13thomas
25 terms by n13thomas

AP Lit Terms 4

By BrantlyWarren
10 terms by BrantlyWarren

LAS III Unit 1 A Game of Light and Shade

By maheinTEACHER
9 terms by maheinTEACHER

Imagery English

By britney_vuong1
9 terms by britney_vuong1

Imagery Vocab

By lukemorgan4
8 terms by lukemorgan4

Poetry Vocabulary

By sgist
18 terms by sgist

Figurative Language

By annemariewebb
12 terms by annemariewebb

Unit 1 Reading 3

By Brent_Cook1
12 terms by Brent_Cook1

Poetry Terms

By Eweng21
19 terms by Eweng21

AP English Vocab Set 4

By meghan1996
10 terms by meghan1996

Literary and Stylistic Devices

By skintz
23 terms by skintz

English #10

By nat91099
9 terms by nat91099

stewart diction analysis notes 2k14

By Emma_Bourroux
9 terms by Emma_Bourroux

Poetry Vocab

By julia_frese
19 terms by julia_frese


By joe_teach
20 terms by joe_teach


By smcgovern29
9 terms by smcgovern29

Year 11 English Studies Music and poetry

By ksullivan100TEACHER
23 terms by ksullivan100TEACHER

Semester 2 Literary, Poetic, and Dramatic Terms

By arthurchiaravalli
26 terms by arthurchiaravalli

Pearl Terms

By ckuhlkenTEACHER
13 terms by ckuhlkenTEACHER

Survival Terms

By Daniel_Gerke
19 terms by Daniel_Gerke

AP Language Rhetorical Devices Unit 3

By sydneyle1208
21 terms by sydneyle1208

Ap. English Lit definitions

By sstelmashenko15
18 terms by sstelmashenko15

Types of Imagery

By Gingersnaps98
8 terms by Gingersnaps98

Poetry Vocab

By elysejohnson99
19 terms by elysejohnson99

Keystone D Unit 1 Reading 3

By Dana_Phelps
9 terms by Dana_Phelps


By Im_Gatsby
10 terms by Im_Gatsby

figurative language and literary elements

By marianassif
22 terms by marianassif

The Game of Light and Shade

By susantoergeTEACHER
15 terms by susantoergeTEACHER

AP Survival Terms: Imagery/Sound Devices

By Katie_Rys
11 terms by Katie_Rys

English extra terms

By John_Lonergan6
14 terms by John_Lonergan6

English 9- QUARTERLY-Study Guide

By Mr_Faeder
25 terms by Mr_Faeder

Common Poetic Devices

By smarcus11
21 terms by smarcus11


By ScreamingEgo
12 terms by ScreamingEgo

Poetic devices

By MrAHayman
11 terms by MrAHayman

Types of Imagery

By rparbo
8 terms by rparbo

Rhetorical Devices

By pstrubel
21 terms by pstrubel

Poetry Terms

By arajkumar21
18 terms by arajkumar21

other lit terms

By bonnann19
24 terms by bonnann19

Honors Poetry 2016

By Lisa_Hamernick
27 terms by Lisa_Hamernick

English L&L vocab

By erik_k_chen
25 terms by erik_k_chen

Macbeth literary elements

By mackytrotter
16 terms by mackytrotter

AP Lit Midterm Vocab

By jb2112
20 terms by jb2112

Poetry Imagery

By laylytink
11 terms by laylytink