magnus- murus

By sheyang
22 terms by sheyang

Latin murus

By zibiabardin
13 terms by zibiabardin

Ibi to murus

By lottie_woolfson
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By bhudsonlund
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Vocab magis - murus

By gracebo2015
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Murus to nuntius

By amberaitken23
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Song School Latin B1 C7-8 Classroom/Household items

By profehernandezTEACHER
8 terms by profehernandezTEACHER

Latin Chapter 15 Vocab

By Anna_Kathryn_Slaton
9 terms by Anna_Kathryn_Slaton

Latin - loquor-murus

By chloe_hughes99
31 terms by chloe_hughes99

Latin Words 1

By humphreysai
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1-8/10(L.9 review only)

By growfoodgrandma
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Latina Christiana - Lesson 9

By eed125
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SSL1 Chapters 5-9 Review

By magistra_williams
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classroom objects

10 terms by SNHEC

Latin Group 2 nouns masculine

By amanda_trehearn5TEACHER
10 terms by amanda_trehearn5TEACHER


By Gabriel_Bostick_
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Cambridge Latin Course stage 11

By cat_parkes
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Latin - Classroom Objects

By Alissa_Burrall
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0Day 1 words pracitce

By marhoweTEACHER
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latin 5

By mrangusmatthews
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Classroom Vocabulary

By magistraromanosky
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By Mr_Aitken
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Lapis 4.3 Verba

By magistrahahnTEACHER
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Res in camerā

By Magdbs
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Stage 11 Latin Vocab.

By Willow_Class_2015
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Cambridge Latin Course Stage 11

By magister2
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LLpsI 6a

By David_RudminTEACHER
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Latin Classroom Vocabulary

By Christopher_Hague
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CLC Stage 11

By MagistraAllenTEACHER
24 terms by MagistraAllenTEACHER

Latin Classroom Vocabulary, 4th & 6th, Aug 2016

By RigMom
39 terms by RigMom

Mūrus -wall - 2nd decl -Masculine

10 terms by GFMOM

Latin Classroom Vocabulary, 4th

By RigMom
39 terms by RigMom

Latin is Fun Chapter XXII pictures

By judithcampbellTEACHER
18 terms by judithcampbellTEACHER

Latin Classroom Vocabulary, 6th

By RigMom
39 terms by RigMom

Cambridge Latin Course, Stage 11

24 terms by MrHaywardTEACHER

Verba Discenda ē Lēctiōne XVI

By MCQMagisterMariusTEACHER
13 terms by MCQMagisterMariusTEACHER

Matin latin lesson 5

By Magistra_CraigTEACHER
79 terms by Magistra_CraigTEACHER

Classroom objects

By yeagertTEACHER
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Second Declension

By tgrech3
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Latin Vocab 1

By thePatShaw
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Latin (second declension nouns)

By Aidan_Gleeson17
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By Julian_Perna
10 terms by Julian_Perna

Caspar's Latin (wk 4)

By ClareBS
10 terms by ClareBS

Latin Nouns List 2

By enewma
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Latin Nouns (M)

By theSmiley_guy
10 terms by theSmiley_guy


By Cam200317
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dominus s2

By Daniel_Ireland
10 terms by Daniel_Ireland

CLC Stage 11

26 terms by msfavTEACHER

Combo with "Word Power - Set 1 Roots" and 4 others

By 2Swift
119 terms by 2Swift

"us" endings

By will_troy7
10 terms by will_troy7