magnus- murus

By sheyang
22 terms by sheyang

Latin murus

By zibiabardin
13 terms by zibiabardin

Ibi to murus

By lottie_woolfson
17 terms by lottie_woolfson


By bhudsonlund
29 terms by bhudsonlund

Vocab magis - murus

By gracebo2015
29 terms by gracebo2015

Murus to nuntius

By amberaitken23
29 terms by amberaitken23

Song School Latin B1 C7-8 Classroom/Household items

By profehernandezTEACHER
8 terms by profehernandezTEACHER

Latin Chapter 15 Vocab

By Anna_Kathryn_Slaton
9 terms by Anna_Kathryn_Slaton

Latin - loquor-murus

By chloe_hughes99
31 terms by chloe_hughes99

Latina Christiana - Lesson 9

By eed125
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1-8/10(L.9 review only)

By growfoodgrandma
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Latin Words 1

By humphreysai
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SSL1 Chapters 5-9 Review

By magistra_williams
16 terms by magistra_williams

Latin Group 2 nouns masculine

By amanda_trehearn5TEACHER
10 terms by amanda_trehearn5TEACHER


By Gabriel_Bostick_
8 terms by Gabriel_Bostick_

Classroom Vocabulary

By magistraromanosky
20 terms by magistraromanosky

Lapis 4.3 Verba

By magistrahahnTEACHER
10 terms by magistrahahnTEACHER

latin 5

By mrangusmatthews
8 terms by mrangusmatthews

Stage 11 Latin Vocab.

By Willow_Class_2015
26 terms by Willow_Class_2015

Cambridge Latin Course Stage 11

By magister2
24 terms by magister2

LLpsI 6a

By David_Rudmin
19 terms by David_Rudmin

Latin Classroom Vocabulary

By Christopher_HagueTEACHER
22 terms by Christopher_HagueTEACHER

Res in camerā

By Magdbs
20 terms by Magdbs


By Mr_Aitken
21 terms by Mr_Aitken

classroom objects

10 terms by SNHEC

Mūrus -wall - 2nd decl -Masculine

10 terms by GFMOM

Classroom objects

By yeagertTEACHER
14 terms by yeagertTEACHER

Combo with "Word Power - Set 1 Roots" and 4 others

By 2Swift
119 terms by 2Swift

Chapter VI Vocab

By Daniel_Kaiserski
26 terms by Daniel_Kaiserski

Second Declension

By tgrech3
10 terms by tgrech3

Latin Vocab 1

By thePatShaw
10 terms by thePatShaw

Stage 11 Vocabulary

By Magistra_KolyerTEACHER
26 terms by Magistra_KolyerTEACHER

Latin (second declension nouns)

By Aidan_Gleeson17
10 terms by Aidan_Gleeson17


By Julian_Perna
10 terms by Julian_Perna

Caspar's Latin (wk 4)

By ClareBS
10 terms by ClareBS

Latin Nouns List 2

By enewma
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Latin Nouns (M)

By theSmiley_guy
10 terms by theSmiley_guy


By Cam200317
10 terms by Cam200317

dominus s2

By Daniel_Ireland
10 terms by Daniel_Ireland

"us" endings

By will_troy7
10 terms by will_troy7

CLC Latin - Stage XI

By mamagistra12
26 terms by mamagistra12

Ch. 15 Latin terms

By ICE0070
9 terms by ICE0070

Latin Ch.15 Vocab

By MB_65
9 terms by MB_65

Latin Ch. 15 Vocab

By niptart
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Latin Chapter 15 Vocabulary

By Gymnast_alb
9 terms by Gymnast_alb

Latin Vocabulary Ch 15

By FuzzyWuzzyDaBear
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Latin Ch.15

By Caroline_527
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Some really cool stuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

By SquishyDuck
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Chapter 15 vocabulary

By LeilaHart22
9 terms by LeilaHart22

Latin Chapter 15 vocab

By Devyani_Vij
9 terms by Devyani_Vij