Imperfect (aba, abas, aba, amos, aban)

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Common Spanish -AR verb list

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Common Spanish -AR verb list

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Most common Spanish AR verb list

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Cap 8.3 Imperfect P.273

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Past Tense (preterite)

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Spanish ch. 10

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Pretérito Imperfecto

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Zach Spanish 3 Imperfect Tense

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Spanish 004

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imperfect tense

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Imperfect signifying time phrases

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Imperfect Irregulars

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Imperfect Regular verbs

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AR Verbs

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The imperfect forms - Regular Verbs

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Preterito Imperfecto

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Conjugación del Imperfecto -AR

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La Llorona Cp. 1

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Past Tense

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February 1st, 2013

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Imperfect: regular -ar verbs

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Imperfect Irregulars

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Spanish Imperfect

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The imperfect: regular verbs

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imperfect tense

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Estar; imperfect

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Irregular Imperfect

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11/1/2013 The Imperfect Tense

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SPANISH Present Progressive

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Verbos irregulares en Imperfecto

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Imperfect Regular Examples

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Pretérite Imperfecto

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Most common Spanish AR verb list

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Most common Spanish AR verb list

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Spanish imperfect indicative

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